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  1. HJS

    Rewind to landmarks (W)

    Well I tried all of this, When playing in mode "return to now marker" the W behaves the same as the Space Bar. It returns to last starting point, so these is no difference between W and Space bar when playing. What I had before and what I like, was that the space bar behaves more like a Play/Pause button. it must be possible, because while playing you can click on the pause symbol with your mouse. And if you press W after that it returns to last start point. Please try this. I had this in Sonar 2 and 3 also
  2. HJS

    Rewind to landmarks (W)

    Thanks for your reply. I know this shortcut as I wrote before. But what I had before, was when pressed space bar while playing it stops (paused)at that point. So far its normal, bud when I pressed W it goes back to the beginning of the song. And I want it to go back to the where I started it to play.
  3. HJS

    Rewind to landmarks (W)

    I have a problem. When I press "W" it rewinds back to the beginning of the song all the time. It should go back to a landmark, I cant find any landmarks. I want it the wind back to where i started it to play. I know I can do that automatically by pressing ctrl W. So what I want is it to pause where I press the Spacebar. And rewind by pressing W to where I started, lets say the now time from before. It worked before but I cant seem to get it fixed.
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