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  1. Thanks a lot Nigel, very very helpful. I will study and practice and let you know when “Eureka” arrives 😄
  2. https://deals.unison.audio/unison-midi-drum-blueprint-launch?wickedsource=google&wickedid=EAIaIQobChMInMzTmaH-7wIViKSyCh2ZAQ3KEAAYASAAEgLDUvD_BwE&wv=3&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInMzTmaH-7wIViKSyCh2ZAQ3KEAAYASAAEgLDUvD_BwE
  3. There is no documentation more than a video tutorial more showing how to use chordprogressions, which is a quite simpel process. I wonder how to drag and drop each drum and assign sound to them. In other Daws I understand that you simply can drag all, let's say, five drums to workspace and automatically the Daw creates a track for each drum, to which you assign a sound, and the Daw knows if it's a Kick or snare from that particular instument/vst(drumkit) to use. I tried just using the TTS within Cakewalk and got sound but not kicks, hi-hats etecera even i I choosed one of the drumsets. I'm a bit lost 🙂 I will keep trying, and if I by myself find a good solution I will share with you
  4. Hi all, I'm new to music and Cakewalk - I've been struggling for a while now. I decided to get some Midi packs to get started. I downloaded Unison Midi Drum Blueprint pack. It's loaded but unfortunately I don't know how to use it properly. I thought that you could easily drag and drop both the Miditrack itself (to the track) and then choose instrument (drums) but it seems like it don't work that way. There is also some drumsound samples in .wav format - is it something you can use when making drumbeats or do I have to choose instruments from Cakewalk, Sampletank etcetera. There are miditracks like this: I try to make open hat in one track, Kick in the other track and so on. I thougt that you could mark all the 5 separate drumtracks and simply drag them to the workspace and it would be 5 separate tracks. (is it possible in a simple way just to choose a sound for each track or instrument and it would play the correct drumsound) Please, if someone know how to use it properly tell me step by step (like you told a seven year old) how to do it. Best regards Rikard
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