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  1. Okay, so recently (Today) I have downloaded a bunch of plugins I was really looking forward to using, but Cakewalk seems to not be recognizing any of them whatsoever. I downloaded quite a few, so when I load in an instrument track, I should see a whole lot more instruments in the list, but not a single one seems to have been added. I've tried both the plugin layouts and preferences>>File>VST Settings scanners, and neither help any. I don't think it's a bridging issue, as I have added some 64 bit and some 32 bit plugins, but I did get one scan to work for awhile, but it eventually got stuck on a plugin unrelated to what I downloaded today, and a Windows message about Teleport Server not working came up? What is going on? Also, whenever I try to use the scanner in Plugin Layouts, it tells me that a scan is already in progress, even if I never started one and have it set to Manual Scan in VST settings... I don't know what's going on, but I would like to be able to use my new plugins .-.
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