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  1. Well, that fixed that issue, THANK YOU! Responding nicely now. My BFD3 had its MIDI Output enabled. Still working through setup with Cakewalk. The S49 responds fine with Komplete Kontrol stand-alone, but still not getting any sound when inserting an instance into the DAW. UPDATE: Good to go now. Simply clicked my Echo Input button on the KK track, although hearing quite a bit of latency. Not used to these new-fangled keyboards with no analog outs. Typically, I monitor analog outs while recording, to bypass listening to latent midi output inherent in huge projects at 96K. For future projects, I may go back to 48K.
  2. Having trouble triggering Komplete Kontrol as a plugin with the S49 keyboard on an existing project. The keyboard plays the sample just fine, but as soon as I hit play on Cakewalk DAW, the keyboard no longer triggers the sound, but just sputter's occasionally throughout the song. It seems like other midi messages are overloading the keyboard. It also seems like the octave changes on the sample.
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