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  1. John I've been using Sonar X3 for years and it's always save the settings for me. I still have over 1000 songs that I converted from CWP to MIDI Format 1 and they all saved my settings without using Control Events. In fact when I encounter this problem I have to went back to Sonar to convert all the CWP files I recently created using Cakewalk by Bandlab to MIDI to save the settings much quicker than insert Control Events.
  2. When I tried to save my CWP file as MIDI Format 1, all my effects setting are default to 0 for Chorus and 40 for Reverb. This never happened to me in Sonar X3 before. Sonar X3 maintain the setting on all the active tracks, while the Cakewalk by Bandlab loose them all to default. Does anyone know what happen?
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