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  1. Correct. This was from a time when bun files were perfectly acceptable to save by themselves (many many moons ago). Then we went thru that time when Cakewalk messed up and even bun files were not saving correctly and it inserted other wave files in their place which was devastating. Then they finally got their act together and now the cwp and bun files together are the answer. Unfortunately this isn't answering my question. Thanks for responding to my dilemma though.
  2. Possibly...but there is no explanation plus the file won't open to let me what the issue is.
  3. I have opened and old song recorded in an old version of Cakewalk (a .bun file) which opened nicely. I am able to hear and see the wav files. I have now saved this .wrk file to my PC. When I attempt to save it as a bun file I get the message: "Please delete events containing missing audio before attempting to save as a bundle". This is the first time I have ever seen this message. I know what missing audio files look like in Cakewalk. I have searched each track and see nothing "missing". Is there a way to have Cakewalk search for these missing files? Just a thought...could the problem be in the Audio folder for the song? Appreciate any help on this.
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