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  1. John Vere , thank you so much for your help brother. That video absolutely solved my issue. I cant express enough how grateful I am for your help. Peace and blessings !
  2. Thank you guys for your responses. I really appreciate it. Im going to check your video out now and see if I can fix it. Also, to answer your question , I went into "properties"-clicked on "Groove Clip" -then clicked on "stretch to tempo" and entered the bpm that way.
  3. Steve Muller

    Tempo changed ..?

    Hi, I recorded a session with 1 stereo track for the instrumental and 3 vocal/audio tracks. I adjusted each track individually to 78 bpm and the session tempo to 78 bpm. When I re-opened the session the following day everything was perfect and still operating as I expected. I opened the same session 2 days later and the entire session now seems to be set or playing back at an extremely fast tempo (I now sound like a chipmunk for example) but all the tempos are reading the same as before (at 78 bpm). I have no idea how to fix this and cant seem to find any specific info on how to go about doing so. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you...
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