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  1. I'm running audio through a Soundcraft Ui24 and the latency is set to 3 ms in CW - but when I play, there's at LEAST a 50ms delay between hitting the key and hearing the sound - rendering CW unusable to track midi in. You can't play along naturally. I've been using a work around ... running soft synths in Cantabile, using a Tascam 4x4HR and then porting that output into the Soundcraft. It works, as there's NO latency issue in that program (none w/ the Soundcraft as source either) but it still doesn't give me a midi output I can record. I used to be able to play in CW in real time w/o latency issues. Any thoughts where I might look to correct the problems I'm encountering? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Further study in different approach reveals the same issues. I took the mixer and translated its drivers through Via into Dante environment ... controlling the mixer with my laptop. I then switched the DAW rig over to Dante Virtual Soundcard - which can be set as low as 4 ms. These (DSV) are the drivers that loaded into Cakewalk. The benefit of using DVS versus VIA is instead a 16x16 configuration, you can expand up to 64x64. I played/tracked a new guitar part to the source material, listening back on headphone through the mixer. The SAME thing happened in the tracking lag ... with the new track slightly off beat behind. It all recorded fine ... just out of time. The original track clip began at 04:01:045 but had to be forwarded to 02:04:430 to sync up correctly. I'm aware that this is not actually a Cakewalk issue. It's dutifully recording the data at the time it is receiving it. My wonderment is merely whether any here have any experience dealing with the topic, and/or insights towards fixes they'd be willing to share. Thanks again!!
  3. My earlier discussion of attempting to load multiple ASIO drivers from various devices into a CW project eventually led me to "audio over ethernet" explorations into Dante protocols. At issue is multiple distinct recording stations in a house (during covid times), and I wanted to set folks up in their own space and then port into the DAW over the LAN. Dante solves this, but in doing so, other challenges arise. Dante VIA is a software solution that translates various audio drivers on a device into Dante "language" for transmission over ethernet. It allows for 16 in/16 out with its drivers in CW. Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) is a software program that is essentially a switching station. It doesn't translate, but allows up to 64 channels in/64 out into a DAW for Dante Enabled devices. (More on this in a moment) Dante Controller is the LAN's Grand Central Station ... where all traffic (save preset VIA porting) can be routed between Dante Enabled Devices. Due to limitations with an incompatibility w/ my laptop, (which I'm sorting out w/ customer support), I've been backed into running VIA on two high powered computers. Normally I'd run my Soundcraft Ui24r and port that through USB to my laptop - sending everything to the DAW via DVS. Until I sort out the incompatibility, I've got to connect the mixer to the same rig as the DAW. Here's where the oddity of the latency issue arrives. I'm using the Dante drivers in CW. I COULD choose the ASIO drivers of the mixer directly in the DAW, but I'd rather just leave everything in place and have it all work right - so I can add other stations at will into a common language system (and port those Dante Enable Devices into the DAW). In Sonar, Dante Via's drivers are enabled. The ASIO driver is set to 128. I tried 64 and 32, but the audio drivers failed. The performance level in Via is set to "High" (this is an AMD Ryzen 8 core CPU machine). I'm running a microphone into a channel on the Soundcraft, which is then translated by VIA and routed into Sonar through the VIA drivers (with aforementioned low latency settings). As we listened to real time performance, sync was perfect, but as the tracks recorded the audio data, on playback, they were almost an eighth note out of sync. Once I realigned the tracks (moved them back into sync) they played fine ... but I don't understand why so far out of sync in the tracking. Any/all thoughts/fixes/points in right direction warmly appreciated!!
  4. I'm playing with routing now. You're right. I WAS able to get SC and VM drivers to play nice in WDM. I just have to sort it out. Awesome, and thank you!!!
  5. I have ASIO4ALL installed on my rig. I don't think I've ever routed through it though (how does it "aggregate"). How is that done? You may have the solution, though. That's EXACTLY the type of thing I was looking for.
  6. This is going to be a bit tricky to attempt to convey. The basis of what I'm trying to do is patch two computer rigs together via a LAN using IP routing software: VB Audio's Voicemeeter (VM) It's very simple. You install VM on two machines on the same LAN - and route (via the software) to the other machine's inputs via IP addresses and internal porting on VM's "virtual mixer". It's essentially mixer/signal router. Like CW it's a brilliant piece of FREE software (in home user form). It's simple: 3 "hardware inputs" that recognize hardware drivers in windows, and 2 "virtual" inputs that recognize "internal" inputs from "applications" such as Chrome, Cantabile or VM itself (for example). Due to Covid, I'm setting up a keyboard station in the basement, feeding a foldback signal to it, and receiving audio input from the keys via Cantabile virtual routing. I'm using a Soundcraft Ui24r for the hardware console (drums/bass/guitar) ... which can be used as an extravagant soundcard, patching into CW via USB. Works great. 20 channels of Studer quality inputs. The trouble occurs in CW. I can choose EITHER to use Soundcraft drivers for input OR my Layla's OR Voicemeeter as a driver set, but NOT simultaneously together. More on that in a sec. Mind that prior to anyone investing any thought into this, there is a workaround. VM has an onboard 2 track recorder that I can run to record the remote station sending signal from the basement (where the keys are being played) - so I CAN record simultaneously - the hardware (SC) into CW, and the VM into the stereo recorder on the VM console. I have to, though, then later match up the tracks - take for take - timing for timing. My preference, obviously, is to be able to track directly into CW FROM VM - but we circle back to the driver conflict issue. I don't know if there's a workaround for that - so I thought I'd gather some thoughts from folks "in the know" perhaps of a way around that essential hurdle. IF I could activate the VM drivers alongside the SC drivers (there are 5 potential inputs), then voila', problem solved. If not, and I'm not expecting folks to be able to solve this specifically, for the scenario is a spaghetti of virtual patching, but perhaps maybe folks can think of something I'm missing conceptually that might further trigger an alternative way to think about it. Thanks in advance for any/all thoughts!!
  7. Actually ... I used AudioSnap on the track - worked FLAWLESSLY -
  8. Does anyone know if there's a synth out there w/ that type of patch? I have a wav file, but it's not ticking in tempo w/ the tune and I'll like to sync the sound up with the piece. I have NI's Ultimate 10 if that matters ... but the libraries are HUGE, and as per usual, you can't make heads or tails out of anything from the descriptions. Thanks in advance for any help! Kev-
  9. Kind of a shuffle blues rock piece ... still a few harmonies to add. Added more parts to it yesterday. 09 Sweet Marguerta.mp3
  10. ... did something change in the Jan upgrade? It's flippin' out on me. I tried to apply it to a 3 minute song's kick track. It sometimes simply closes the problem ... after a long lock up. It simply says, "You gotta be kidding me.", and shuts down. The CPU pins (AMD Ryzen 3700 - 8 core - 16 threads) at 100%. I clipped the track into a shorter length. It worked. Then the transport refused to move. What is going on? It's damn near useless now, but for spot treatment.
  11. Nevermind. I just discovered they're stored in the project file. (Found the same question on other forums from years ago) They're burnt toast now. Sigh ... there goes my morning. :D
  12. I could just play them again, but I had the program crash, and it happened to delete my midi files (among other oddities). I store all my files in a single project folder. Is there a place where midi files are stored? I know where the audio files are ... but I just hope the midi (which are NOT loading w/ the project) can be found. I don't see a designated spot (file folder storage) in preferences for them. Any clue what to do? Thanks in advance!! Kev-
  13. It was quite the puzzle, even for the tech. Nothing appeared that out of place. The installation looked fine. He went through the installation files, and took out all unnecessary stuff -- extra waveshells that were superfluous -- so that each wave shell wasn't contributing to the wait on the scan, going through multiple unnecessary authorizations in unneeded repeats. Curious note there is that only the shells with the .vst3 file extension were needed. But, still, my system was hanging forever -- both on the scans, and whenever any plug was loaded. He sensed my frustration as he clicked to load a single plug into an empty project -- and 5 minutes had passed. He navigated to my user app files, and drilled down into Waves Central application -- where he highlighted the contents of the preferences folder and moved them out to the wall. He said, "I just wiped your preference cache. I'm going to let the program build a brand new one." We went back into CWBLS (Cakewalk BandLab Sonar), and did a scan. It took no time whatsoever to go through. Done in about 2 minutes -- and I have a LOT of plugins. He then observed, "I think you're going to like the results." Sure enough, the plugs popped and opened in less than 5 seconds -- never mind minutes. At that very moment, the cloudy skies parted, and a host of angels began to sing. I was simply a little too happily overwhelmed to record the event. 😀
  14. Waves support solved it. It was in the preferences file of Waves Central. He cleared that, and boom -- back to loading in seconds.
  15. It didn't. I just got done w/ it, and it's stuck again on loading the Waves plugins. I've heard their service is excellent, but also that the rollout of V10 had them swamped. Still -- if a few minutes on the phone can save me 10 minutes each time a project loads, then that's a good return on my investment!
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