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  1. But 10 Years ago the last Time i made Rock Music like this, i did not have that Problem... Why they cant make an Option on the Line like: Do NOT record this MIDI Line??? Is This too much? Do i really need to buy a second Mixer now?
  2. So i tried all now. This cant be that there is no Option on the Line that say: No recording or something. I go back to Sonar7 for the first.
  3. uh my english comes to its limits thx first for the quick answer. I have an Edirol USB Soundcard, use The Drum Computer from my Korg RAdias, The Input is put in Digital. Someone else you need to know. I read the first comment, but i must read it again a little bit slower. Maybe this screen helps you a little bit?
  4. So I have a Question. I have my Drum Computer that run over MIDI in the background. While recording my Guitar on an Audioline, it also records the Drum Computer on this Audioline...How can i prevent this?
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