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  1. For some reason I can't get the entire work area to change with changing the tempo. I have highlighted the entire area and yet it is only changing parts of the work area to the new tempo. So as the track is playing along, it is jumping up to the new speed and then back down at other parts. I have tried "project" and "sent tempo" and it still will not change the entire timeline. Any suggetions? Thank you.
  2. There is this box that is at the time of the time indicator line that gives the read out of exactly were you are on the timeline. This thing was not there with X3 and I am wondering if there is a way to remove it, I can't actually see where I am on the time line as the read out box covers it. Many thanks.
  3. With Sonar x3, I would be able to open up multiple Toontrack EX Mix windows per track. Now when I click open one and click to open another one, it just opens the second one right where the first one was. Does anyone know how to open multiple EX Mix windows? Thanks
  4. I had the same thing happen, same version, I updated it last night.
  5. With my old Sonar x3, I could record a vocal track over the top of an existing clip on the same track at the same spot. Now when I record over it, the first clip is silent during the recording, and then it is muted there after. Does anyone know how to get it back to hearing it and not muting it? Thanks.
  6. I think my Sonar x3 was a download, I didn't get the cds. Is it still possible now that it's bandlab? And after I read your reply, I realized that I am using the bandlab version. So I went and opened up Sonar x3 and the Blue Tubes are still there but it's still the old version of EZ mix. Should I just reinstall bandlab?
  7. Yesterday I had to delete the file path for Toontrack EZ mixer so I could update the newer version. Ez mix now works but for some reason a message came up and said it could not find any of the BT plugins, such as their eqs and others. Does anyone know of a way to get them back other than a system restore? My windows 7 will not do a system restore for some reason. Thanks.
  8. It's a Microsoft Expression video, it can be converted but the quality is horrible.
  9. I am wondering if it is possible to load Microsoft Expression video into a video lane on Bandlab/Sonar ? Is there a video track or lane I guess is what I am asking. Thanks, Amy
  10. I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone on this forum (from the old forum) who has helped me and countless others work out our Cakewalk techincal issues over the years. 🤩 I think about you guys and gals taking time away from family and recording to come on here and help others keep on track with recording (no pun intended). 🤡 Every single problem I have ever encountered with Sonar, someone on here has had the solution. I think of you all like the EMT of recording, there day and night with answers and solutions for all of us. So a big warm hug from this recording guy going out to all of you. 🤗 Some of my favorite peeps 😗 chuckebaby bitflipper microapp robert_e_bone promidi sharke scook msmcleod Larry Jones Bristol_Jonesey
  11. Yes, I should of clarified, I MOVED a ton of files to an external hard drive. I had about 1000 projects in my project folder and that seemed like a bit much so I decided to go through and open each and every project, then click the "save as" to a folder on the external drive. I made the mistake of starting off without saving projects to a folder so all my audio files started to get mixed up somehow. I asked back on the old forum what to do and the main suggestion was to manually go and save each on in a folder with separate audio files in the folder.
  12. Thanks, I am going to do it. I was holding off because every time I change anything, things stop working and I hate down time. But my system is not working now really anyway so I am going to pull the trigger now.
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