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  1. When I open one plugin window, it replaces the one that was just open. It used to be where I could have 2 or 3 EZmix windows open at the same time but now on replaces the other, anyone know how to get multiple windows back? Thanks, James
  2. I am wondering if there is some history of every project and the date somewhere on Cakewalk? I have a song I have the MP3 for but I can't find the the corresponding recording file. Does anyone know if Cakewalk has a log with everything that was done on every day for x number of days back? Kind of like your web browser view history, but with the projects you worked on. Many thanks, James
  3. I think you are right, it might be the update. I need to change that option as well. Nothing like having it set up the way you want it right from start up.
  4. That's brilliant. I wonder if there is some bug because I have not messed with anything and there never has been a problem before.
  5. If you have a site to donate money to, I would donate to your fund. I am serious, you have helped me and many other people, you should be compensated for that. Set up a place or paypal account. I want to be the first one to donate.
  6. Hi everyone, for some reason my input drop down option box is missing now, so I can't choose my inputs. It is still there on all prior files expect for today, and if i choose "new project" it is missing from there as well. Anyone know how to get that back? Thanks, James
  7. I don't come to check, but I kind of want to now.
  8. I have a single track that is split into stereo. The left side is on the top of the lane and I want to flip in over so the left side is on the bottom. Is there a way to flip it over so the left side is down?
  9. I am building a recording computer with Windows 10 and I am using Cakewalk. Does anyone have any recommendations for specs for it? Second internal hard drive, processor, ect? Thanks, James
  10. It worked Jesse, you are the best EVER. Thank you so much. 😘
  11. Hey Jesse, yes, windows 7. I have been hitting that refresh button. It either won't let me put in the letter C in the .com for email or it a box pops up saying "try later". It says I only have 6 days to reactivave. So I don't know if I am going to make it to the next release in April. Any other ideas?
  12. Okay, I figured it out. You right click on one of the buttons and click on "reset" then "options" then "reset control bar",
  13. I just updated Cakewalk today and old control bar is replaced with large buttons, which makes for double clicking now. Is there a way to get the previous view of the top control bar back? You have to now click one the main buttons to see the other buttons, that just used to be right there already. Thanks, James
  14. I am trying to log in to reactivate Cakewalk and it won't let me use the letter "c" in my password. Is anyone else having issues reactivating cakewalk?
  15. For some reason I can't get the entire work area to change with changing the tempo. I have highlighted the entire area and yet it is only changing parts of the work area to the new tempo. So as the track is playing along, it is jumping up to the new speed and then back down at other parts. I have tried "project" and "sent tempo" and it still will not change the entire timeline. Any suggetions? Thank you.
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