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  1. Hello. I have a suggestion, although it may be too late to implement. In TTS-1, at the bottom of each channel is a "preview" button, allowing the user to listen to the selected instrument. However, the sound of the instrument only last as long as the mouse is kept depressed. As soon as the mouse is released, the sound stops. It would have been much better if clicking on this preview started the sound to begin in a continuous loop, which would allow the user to make any adjustments deemed necessary, "on the fly". Once the user is satisfied, the preview button is clicked again to stop the loop. As it is, the user must make a change, then listen to the preview, then make adjustment to that change, and listen again to the preview, etc. This is a tedious process. It would not take much of a programming exercise to correct this. Tony Foden
  2. Hello. This is my first time here, so I'm not sure if this will be received. This concerns TTS-1. I have noticed on-line that other users are scratching their heads about this Cakewalk instrument software. If you open Cakewalk in "Blank Project", then you will see a small window above the Tracks field labelled "Custom", and that is the worst choice you need to use TTS-1. Why Bandlab has made "Custom" the default choice is beyond me. Click on this window, and from the dropdown list, choose "All". now TTS-1 will work fine. However, I have downloaded the entire Cakewalk User Manual, a massive tome of over 1,000 pages, and there is no mention of TTS-1, which is very strange. There appears to be no online manual whatsoever concerning TTS-1. Weird, eh?
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