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  1. in "stave" and piano roll view modes: 1. ...how to insert a blank measure in the MIDI track ? 2. ...how select singles notes with shortcuts (without using the mouse)? in "stave" mode: 1. how to delete the ligature between the notes? thanks in advance for your help 😄
  2. @msmcleod thanks; I think that you are right. In SY77´s multi mode edit, there is a certain range to give for each patch one group of effects; ... so thanks again, I can deal with it.
  3. @msmcleod thanks again; ...ah, no; ...I always turn MIDI utility channel set Local to off ...the screenshot above it´s just the default screen image taken from the manual to show that the channel sent to the tracks is only the one which is selected in SY77 (12 or 13)! So the issue still remains. Maybe the SY77 does not have multi channel transmission ... it´s too vintage. ... and I played the tracks once, ...but unfortunately I still can´t hear only the sound for that track's channel by clicking on each track. Yes of course I know and I could recornise that when Cakewalk is closed I need to turn on Local again to hear the SY77 patches.
  4. @msmcleod first let me thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your time and hard job editing the video; I must tell you also that I did it already so I think that´s done as described in the video: sorry, your video I think it could not be paused, so unfortunately I can´t clearly understand what is the meaning of your last sentence: "you may want to start your project at bar 2 to give the SY77 the chance to change the sounds" even tho, unfortunately, the issue still remains, because, when I click on the track in CbB, (I remark: when I click, highlight the track, not when I play or record it) I cannot hear the patch inserted as above, but I hear the same patch which comes from the channel 12 or 13 which is assigned in the synth SY77: ... if I set Kbd Trans Ch no. 12 I can hear the patch of track 1 on both tracks 1 and 2, ... if I set Kbd Trans Ch no. 13, then I can hear the patch of track 2 on both tracks 1 and 2; ... instead I would like to be able to hear the corresponding patch assigned to the track when on CbB I go to click and highlight the track, I hope I could explain it clearly; thanks 😊
  5. @57Gregy hi, thanks for your message; ... my question was about how to be able to hear every patch of every track when the track is "on" or "highlighted" (not activated or played) ...that is when you click on the track and highlight it. Somebody wrote me to indicate an output channel from cakewalk, but I don't find where to indicate it, because for example from the dropdown shown in my screenshot in the blue rectangle, it doesn't let me indicate it but I can listen to the only patch of the MIDI channel which is indicated in the synth (my synth is vintage Yamaha SY77), for example, the MIDI channel 12 or 13 like in this screenshot: As I wrote above, from a user of the facebook group of the synth yamaha SY77 I was explained that for each track I have to assign a number of program change; reading the table in the manual of the synth I found the numbers to assign, so I wanted to ask ... how to assign them for each track in the CbB software? Thanks again, 😄
  6. Hi, ... please, sorry, ... anyone could suggest me how to set the program change numbers in each track? Basically I need to set a specific program change number on each track of CbB of it´s relative patch of the synth Yamaha SY77
  7. @scook many thanks; it´s quite hard to find online a text editor which can open an .ins file; but anyway I could find the link to download the whole patch list; thanks again
  8. many thanks; 👍👍👍I got it; but I still would like to use the patches of the synth; ...I´ve got to import the patches list of the synth in Preferences> MIDI> Instruments> Define .Patch Names Import, but the file is in .txt extension; sorry do you know how to convert it in .ins extension? 😄
  9. many thanks; I tried to import your file in Preferences>Preferences>Midi>Instruments>Define,> patch names>import, but it does not accept .txt files, it accepts only .ins files 😱 but I could download the whole from this link: Downloading and Installing Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files for Yamaha MIDI Instruments - Yamaha - United States and installed it ... but unfortunately I still can´t select the patch by focusing the track on CbB, because I can only select one MIDI trans channel from my SY77 as in the picture... ... any suggestions to solve the issue? 😄
  10. @msmcleod many many thanks for your reply; before commenting you post, let me write that it was written me that there should be a file made by the Yamaha SY77 producer with extension .ins to load on CbB to make it happen the program to select on the SY77 the channel to play and tell which bank and which sound to call for each track of the software. Sorry, do you know anything about it? I set as in the pictures as you described above (please also consider that the Bank (B) and Patch (P) "curtains" which are under the the "curtain" flag of channel (C) are set to "none": I did also the same for SY77 track 2. For track 3 (Fatar88) I did the same too, the only difference is the MIDI OUT port of the interface is A instead of B what you described above in number 2: ...sorry I cannot find how to do it, ...because opening the flag of the out port A or B (the one in azure rectangle in the picture) unfortunately I can´t choose any channel. Without this setting, by playing the Fatar 88 it plays one patch of the SY in multi mode, ...and if I play the SY77, it plays all the patches of the multi simultaneuously. I left all the MIDI channel of the event list of all tracks set on 1, unchanged. Thanks again for your response, thanks for your help.😃
  11. @msmcleod sorry, since you also belong a synth Yamaha SY77, regarding this matter, the issue in my opinion is that in jump #807 kbd trans ch ... I think that it can only be set ONE channel to be transmitted, so the software CbB receives channel 12 OR 13 indipendently on which track (1 or 2) is focused and both echo are enabled.
  12. @David Baay many thanks for your reply. The track 13 I/O assignments are same as track 12 as shown in the above screenshots. following your suggestions, the situation doesen´t change: but indipendently on which track on CbB I focus (track 1 or 2), unfortunately the keyboard SY77 plays still the same voice as it is set in its trans channel ... it plays voice of the midi channel 12 if I set in the synth kbd trans channel 12, ... and 13 channel if I select 13.
  13. @msmcleodmany thanks again for answering me. I turned local off indeed on the SY77 and input echo enabled on all tracks, and assigned to each track its MIDI channel, (but not yet in the event list, that´s why I asked above how to do it) but unfortunately I can still play with fatar 88 (track 3) the MIDI channel 1, which is correct, but with SY77 kbd I can still only play the MIDI channel which is set in the channel set of the synth SY77 (12 - track 1 or 13 - track 2), but still the sound doesen´t change on the SY77 by selecting the track in Cakewalk software.
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