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  1. HI again, thank you so much again for your feedback! ... OK then, I will not consider MIDI-OX by now since my knowledge in MIDI are near to zero; ... please I will try to answer to your questions: first I specify that there is the "stuck notes" problem also if I don´t use the sustain pedal; my two keyboards are so connected in the system: I have one synth SY77 and one muted weighted master kbd Fatar 88, then a USB MIDI interface MIDISPORT 4x4, and notebook ACER Aspire 5750-6802, OS WIN10 pro 64 bit; Cakewalk v. 2021.04; a. Synth SY77 connected MIDI B IN and OUT in the interface b. master muted kbd Fatar88 connected MIDI IN A in the interface 1. In Cakewalk, I tried to turn off "MIDI echo entry" of the track by clicking on it´s button, but I can´t do it! The two options are either "activated" or "automatic"; so I don´t know how to turn it off; 2. If in the synth SY77´s MIDI settings, I turned to "local off", but it doesen´t sound anymore; only the master controller muted kbd Fatar88 sounds; in this way I cannot play simultaneously the Fatar88 and the SY77; but even if local is turned to off, after playing the master kbd for 4 or 5 minutes using both single notes or chords, and without using the sustain pedal, the stuck notes problem when I release them comes as well; since that when I release all keys the sound is still playing and it stops only when I move the wheel of the voices; I tried to press the sustain pedal to check if it stops playing but it keeps playing; 3. I confirm that the zero controllers when play stops is flagged on in the preferences; 4. I also tried to use the MIDI panic button, but it doesen´t help 5. I´ve never checked if the stuck notes problem comes when I playback a recorded performance, (I still haven´t recorded anything by now in Cakewalk), I can just testify that the problem comes when I play the keyboards and Cakewalk is in "standby" 6. when the stuck note/notes comes by playing, and I still continue to play, the following notes are not stuck when I release the keys ...thanks a lot again for your help and suggestions, 🙂 bye,
  2. HI, thanks for your tip; so I made that change that you suggested me, but unfortunately the problem still remains 😧; when I play the kbd and release the notes sometimes the MIDI signal doesen´t get off and the sound keeps playing; I installed also the software MIDI-OX to try to solve the problem ... since I am a beginner ... please do you know, using this software, how to check what messages are being sent to the computer? Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. 🙂 HI there from Italy, ...I have downloaded MidiOx as you suggested. Sorry for the boring question: if you are using this program too, would you please tell me how to check what messages are being sent to the computer? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. thanks for your completa answer; no i don´t think that the pedal is broken, because it works perfectly when the interface and cakewalk are off; yes, ...thank a lot! ... so I will download MidiOx
  5. thanks for your answer; no it happens random, expecially when I use chords with more than 5 notes or if i use the pedal sustain; but it also happen when I play a solo for example.
  6. thanks for your answer; I think it´s not a matter of polarity of the pedal hardware, because it always works good and the problem appears seldom. thanks again
  7. thanks for your answer; yes, I´ve installed the midisport 4x4 driver yes, I think so too, but still haven´t solved the problem, even if it happens seldom during playing.
  8. 🙂 thanks a lot for the particular description; but 🙁seems to me that in the version installed of the program (in italian) there isn´t the option "ripple edit selection", but just the option "ripple edit all" (enable/disable) ; thanks in advance if you can suggest me how to select both option; 😅
  9. 👌 thanks a lot ; that was the result I was searching for; 👍
  10. 😅 thanks a lot Mr. Vere for you time to reply to my basic question ... I will surely follow your tutorials; ... actually my question, which I forgot to mention, was regarding on how to delete an empty piece of track (with pauses only). Because I don´t know wether it´s possible to delete an empty piece of MIDI track; 🙂🙂🙂
  11. Hi, I´m new here and beginner with Cakewalk; 😀😀 I am struggling😵 because I can´t find the way to delete a portion of an empty MIDI track; I tried selecting the portion of the track and tried to delete it but without success; 😨 ... so thanks in advance for suggestions; 😀
  12. Hi, I´m new here; 🙂thanks for accepting me in the group. ... I am a kbd player; I´ve got a vintage synth Yamaha SY77 and a muted weighted kbd Fatar 88; both connected USB via MIDI interface Midisport 4x4 with notebook acer aspire (OS win 10 pro 64 bit) to DAW software bandlab cakewalk v.; I don´t know if I´ve posted my question in the right place when I play the kbds, using controllers also (sustain pedal in this case) at a certain point cakewalk midi signal gives me problem; in fact the sound blocks and contunues to play, even if I release the key; sorry; is that a midi controller configuration of the synth problem or is that a problem regarding the software or the notebook processor? thanks in advance for your advices; Like Comment
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