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  1. I use MIDI OX a lot. (My main keyboard is a Nord two manual "Hammond". When it's not actually being an organ, I make use of the tons of MIDI outputs that its many buttons, knobs and sliders send - for things like CC7, CC11, key switch octaves, etc. - as well as the two manual as two keyboard controllers. ) What is the best practice for getting MIDI OX's outputs into CbB? I use LoopBe. I installed it ages ago and from what I remember it's a virtual MIDI cable. MIDI OX can see one end and Cakewalk can see the other end. Is there a better way than this kind of thing? Perhaps CbB can create/export a MIDI input input port that MIDI OX would see as an available destination for its output?
  2. That's interesting. I didn't know about that. Thanks. It probably won't be enough however. I have a lot of tracks and several track folders, so selecting all of the MIDI tracks is difficult. And I don't have MIDI tracks showing in the console - only audio tracks and instrument tracks. The problem I'm trying to fix is a hidden track with its Input Echo set. I don't notice that it's set and I click Input Echo on another track. I start playing on the keyboard controller and two instruments sound. It's not a huge problem. I have to stop, click the Input Echo in the Mix Module to clear all the Input Echoes including the hidden track (which is what I had forgotten to do in the first place), and then again click the Input Echo for the track I want. So I still think I'd like to request the feature please.
  3. Would it be possible please, to add a modifier key behaviour to the Input Echo button? I would find it very useful in large templates to be able to hold down, say, the Alt key when clicking a track's Input Echo button, and for that to set all tracks' Input Echo to off and then set the track in question's Input Echo to on. It would have almost the same effect as if I'd clicked the Input Echo [On/Off] all tracks button (in the Mix Module in the Control Bar) before I clicked the Input Echo button of a single particular track. I say, almost the same, because I wouldn't want my doing that to have the effect of setting all tracks' Input Echo to on should I accidentally modifier-click an Input Echo button when no Input Echoes were set to on. (If that behaviour already exists, I'd be very glad to know how to achieve it.)
  4. Thanks for checking that. That does explain it and means that remote control of Echo Input isn't all that useful in this situation. I had a quick look to see if the Echo Input button of the Mix Module, up in the control bar, could be remote controlled but unfortunately it doesn't see to be. I've also looked to see if that button is made available to Control Surface mappings; but again, it doesn't seem to be. Still, I've learned that with track folders and with the overall Mix Module Echo Input button large templates aren't as daunting as they first looked. And if track folders in folders ever becomes available, then things will be easier still.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I did try applying remote control to a couple of Echo Input buttons. I used a controller with a bunch of buttons that send MIDI notes. I could see that the button had learned correctly but it didn't change state when the note was sent. (I know that remote control from that controller works because one of its sliders is remotely controlling the master output volume in a template that I do use.) There is one thing I missed. I'm used to seeing Solo or Mute lit up in the Mix Module of the control bar, which is very handy for those Oops I've left a track soloed moments. I'd forgotten that Echo Input is up there. At least I can turn off all the Echo Inputs with one click (well, two clicks as the first click typically sets them all on*). With that button and track folders, I can see the light - well a glimmer anyway. Can track folders contain track folders? A quick search and a look at the documentation seems to say no. * That may have been because I was trying that on another machine where Always Echo Current Track was on and one track was on Auto.
  6. John Deacon

    Track input (echo?)

    I've decided I need to make better use of templates, as there's a pattern to my typical libraries and tracks. So I've been watching a few tutorials. Unfortunately none of the tutorials so far has been using Cakewalk. They are typically using Cubase. I have what may be a very basic question. Some of these tutorials have templates with hundreds of tracks. Listening to them, they'll say, for example, 'here are the LASS legato violas' and play a few notes, and 'here by contrast are the BBC SO 1st violins', and play a few more notes, etc. Maybe if the tutor is on camera they might be seen to press a button here or there. If I want to do this kind of thing, I have to check that I've got Echo Input OFF for the tracks that were previously on, and set Echo Input ON for the track whose instument I want to play. (If I only have a few tracks and instruments then maybe I can set my three MIDI keyboard controllers to different channels and use one channel per track; but that's not going to work for hundreds of tracks. Perhaps I could figure out how to quickly flip my MIDI keyboard controller through the different channels; but that would only get me up to 16 tracks. Now, I'm not aiming at hundreds of tracks, but with the different articuations, etc. that I might want loaded I might get up to fifty or so. I don't think I can have Automatically Echo Selected Track enabled. When I've done that in the past and selected a track whose input had been set to None, Cakewalk sets that track's input to All Inputs/Omni, which I don't want. Can anyone help me with what I'm missing? How do these producers with hundreds of track easily select which track they inputting to?
  7. John Deacon

    EQing input

    OK. Sorted now, thanks. I don't quite know why I didn't get it to work the first time I tried a patch point. However, using a patch point between the two tracks, instead of choosing "Selected Track Input ..." for the recorded track's input to connect it to the ouput of the EQed mic track, is what is needed.
  8. John Deacon

    EQing input

    Hmm. That's what I think I am doing. I have a track with the mic as input. I EQ this mic track and route its output to second track's input via a patch point and record this second track. It doesn't get EQed.
  9. John Deacon

    EQing input

    I use Cakewalk in a simple way, usually for live work. (I do use Ableton as well, but I prefer Cakewalk most of the time.) So, hardly ever mixing for a final master, I realize I don't understand EQ, or at least the routing of the signal. I have a guitar backing part I'm recording and it's booming at 80 - 120 Hz. Right I thought, I'll just EQ it. I used Pro Channel EQ. It had no effect. Ah I thought, perhaps you can't EQ the input, just like the volume slider doesn't work on the input; I'll bring the mic into a track, EQ that track and route that mic track to be the input of the audio track I'm recording to. Still no effect. The guitar gets recorded on its track but it hasn't been though the EQ. I know the EQ works because I can apply to the recorded guitar track during playback. But I wanted to EQ the signal before recording it. In the past I would have simply used the mixer, but this particular microphone goes straight into the sound card. What I am doing wrong or not understanding?
  10. I can't move my M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card to my new PC as the new PC doesn't have any PCI slots, only PCIe. (There are PCIe to PCI adapters but there are also reports of sound cards not working in these adapters; and they're not so good on full height cards anyway). The Delta 1010 was always overkill anyway. All I ever do is record one stereo input at a time or use MIDI/VST. I do however need at least 2 stereo (i.e. 4) outputs: one stereo for the main mix output and another for a headphone mix. Most budget USB adapters seem to target either very simple use with 2 in and 2 out, or people who are recording several audio tracks at once and want more ins than outs. That's the wrong way around for my needs. Is anyone using a budget USB sound adapter (around £/$ 100 but up to £/$ 200 (I am in the UK)) with, say, 4 outs (2 x stereo) and not too many ins? (I'm not against the idea of a PCIe card but they seem to be way more expensive). Thanks.
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