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  1. Please note that Cubase crossgrade doesn't accept reaper
  2. So...if I have been WUPping SSL E for a couple of years, there is no hope of receiving updates or new features? Will it be the same with other emulations?
  3. You can try adding YNY23 to the codes previously mentioned
  4. The problem is that they charge the WUP, but you see no added value. There's no update to their GUIs (rezising? Sure, pixelated..), buttons that you cannot assign to midi, buggy performance (cla nx) and zero new features (adding M/S, hpf, lpf, meters, etc)
  5. Thanks, I used it! Just added the $19 tuner, final price: 23.99
  6. Yes that's the thing: charge me WUP but based on the real price and not false original prices. I was listening to one of my favorite personal reference tracks (Green Day - When I come around). I ended listening the whole album. The room sounds incredible, very different to ocean or ARS3 (you can notice it's bigger) Anyway, if you don't have the bluetooth sensor, I think it's impossible to appreciate the whole effect. Many of the criticism is from people that is using just rhe webcam or no head tracking at all
  7. Don't you see? It is advertised as 29.99 but the "intro price" is 49.99 No, i wasn't expecting to have 40%off (maybe 10% with YNY23) but these false prices pact you when you buy WUP. I have several plugins by waves and the WUP is calculated based on the full price (you dont pay it never) Btw, the plugin in question is amazing....
  8. Yes. But it is advertised as 29.99 I know, it's the same final price, but there's no "49.99" anywhere in the ads/media
  9. Yep But... was not the special introductory price 29.99?
  10. I hate being WUPped but I opened my wallet and bought the bluetooth adapter. I use ARS3 and Ocean studios and it works amazingly (unfortunately, it's from Waves...)
  11. It's a great feebie but too heavy for my old computer No comments about the cryptic user manual?
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