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  1. snake oil? for XX.XX it's a no brainer? installed? woop?
  2. For sure! In my case, I have a Macbook M1 Pro. Generally speaking, all plugins works fine. In the case of non-native apple silicon processors, the software runs under an emulator called Rosetta. Imagine using your plugins in windows with a virtual machine. What happens to me? I cannot assign more than 6 or 8 instances of non native plugins. The solution? run everything under Rosetta, in that case there is another incompatibilities and lack of performance. I tried to use brauer method using IK Multimedia compressors: with the previous versions, it was impossible. Now, they're natively compatible and they run smooooooth. In the case of Lindell 50 series, it's one of the plugins you want native, because it is intended to be put in every channel and bus. The reality? Is it not going to be updated anymore. It's not in any list and it seems to be abandonware. Zero problem for windows, zero problem if you run it with Rosetta until you put more and more instances.
  3. Majority, minority? If they're top-notch, then update your software and thats it!
  4. Lindell Audio 50 Series - Changelog Version 1.0.1 (Jan 18, 2021) -fixed TMT in line amp and transformer (Channel + Buss) -fixed an issue with save/recall Version 1.0 (Jan 8, 2021) - Initial Release ....and that's all, folks!
  5. Despite what? They're not being updated. Google for the Lindell 50 series, it was released last year and it only had one minor update. They're not natively compatible with apple silicon.
  6. Careful with PA, there's certain brands, like Lindell, that hasn't seen updates for over a year...they're not even mentioned in future apple silicon native compatibility lists.
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