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  1. Cackwalk won't play through headphones. Every other software will send to the headphones, but this one sends to my laptop's speakers whether or not I plug in headphones. I've tried disabling the speakers in Win11. What have I got to do?
  2. How do I set up a midi track with a vst instrument?
  3. Somehow the laptop's master volume had gone to 0.
  4. I put some events in a piano roll, hearing them play as I did so. I then shut piano roll view, and midi went silent. Imports are silent, too.
  5. I will have a look through them. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I have played a midi track through my chosen guitar synth.
  7. That won't work, either. I can't find tutorials on this problem. Effects will load into midi tracks, but instruments won't. Midi instruments load into audio tracks, but there is no sound if they are switched on. Instruments work on midi tracks in another of my DAWs.
  8. Thank you. I was trying to load a clip. I worked it out, but still have the problem as in the edit above.
  9. I can't get it to load VST instruments into a midi track. Audio VSTs work.
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