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  1. Well, I've made a new mix trying to follow all your advices: Rev. #4 Changes: .- Lead Guitar: EQ Changes, trying to achieve a warmer sound .- Bass: EQ & compression changes to avoid distortion .- E-Piano: Transposed 1 octave up on the bridge and Delay & Reverb removed. It was way too bass, and with the effects it was some like a muddy background instead of "harmonic support" .- Drums: Hihat on 8's instead of 16's Thank you all again 🙂
  2. Thank you! I'll try that, Lynn, and also the drum changes you suggest, Keith 🙂 ... Being picky it's the way to achieve perfection! 😜
  3. Thank you, Keith! 😊 I've also play and play with Cakewalk for many hours... It became my favourite toy 😅 I've done a third mix, with a lower volume for the lead guitar, and I tried to make greater variations on the "Velocity" value too... I think the song had a great improvement thank to your advices, so... thank you all again
  4. Thank you very very much! 😊I do my best, but I have a long way to go yet... although I'm afraid the "learning music" path never ends! 😅 Thank you again, bjornpdx
  5. Thank you, DeeringAmps 🙂 It's is indeed! 😅 I've never heard about the Electric Sitar, I've just seen a video on Youtube and... wow! It's amazing! Now I need one of those! 😅
  6. I'm glad you liked the changes from previous version I'd played it on a keyboard (Roland FA06) the most part (when the lead guitar makes two notes, the second one is written directly on the piano roll) ... There is some variation in the "velocity" values, but it's true that there are not so clear when listening the song, so it's a great room for improvement that I can use: Thank you very much! I'll also put the guitar a bit more backward to balance the mix. Thank you very much again
  7. Thank you very much, John 🙂 I'll give it a try
  8. Thank you very much too, graybrun 🙂 I've tried to change the guitar settings following your advices, and I think it's better now:
  9. Thank you very much for your comments 😊 I didn't know that song (I'm afraid I only know the Beatles greatest hits that everybody knows... my bad), I'll hear it just now :-)
  10. Thank you very much, Kurt'S. Definitively, guitar sound is wrong if so many people thinks the same 🙂 ... I have work to do there, and I'll use that advice of listening the mix in very different kind of devices, headphones and speakers comparing the sound with other similar themes but professionally mixed, and trying to mimic the sound spectrum that they used. I'll also check levels and compressions on bass & drums. I hope to do so asap, but my "real life-morning work" is beening too intense this week 😅
  11. Thank you very much, Wookiee 🙂 The guitar isn't real 😅 It's NI Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst deluxe . I guess I've messed up the sound settings... I'll try to change it this week to add depth and improve it, and I'll check the mix too. I think I'm gonna remove all pedals and stuff, and then test the sound adding effects one at a time, starting from the "pure clean" sound , instead of using predesigned "sounds" Thank you again 🙂
  12. Thank you, Jack! I'll do it 🙂
  13. Hello! Absolutely noob here, I've made this instrumental theme and I would love any comment, critics or suggestion, so I can improve. Kinda pop, but I've tried to use extended chords and a bit jazzy harmony. I hope you like it, but, anyway, any comment will be welcome. Thank you very much 🙂
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