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  1. If your hard drive fails, OS corruption etc then you lose you licences. Yes, some devs might grant you replacement ones, but that's not guaranteed. They may have even gone out of business. In my opinion, iLok wouldn't be so bad if they automatically covered and protected against that. Some people buy the hardware key and pay a yearly amount for that protection, however it's still more hassle and a yearly cost than other traditional methods.
  2. I knew it was a different part of their store/system, but didn't realise it had a different account part as well! I guess once I've got the serials/codes from my spoils I never go back in there enough 🤣
  3. I thought it was JRRShop from memory
  4. They're really not safe making mistakes with you around 🤣 Thanks for posting the bundle!
  5. I wonder if that was a pricing error for the bundle at $15. Given that El Clapo on sale at Best Service is now $15. Lars' link is now dead/404. Also when I bought the bundle it was called the "El Clapo Bundle" which I thought was unusual, whereas the bundle now on Best Service is called "Claps, Stomps and Snaps Bundle" which is more what I expected it to be. Either way for $15 it was a good one 🙂
  6. That's not a bad price for the bundle. I don't recall ever seeing it that cheap before! 🙂
  7. I use Cubase and bought Mixbus the other day. I'll always produce in Cubase I'd say, but I like the idea of exporting stems from Cubase and then mixing in Mixbus. Performance wise, Cubase is better. If you're purely recording audio, or have a fast enough computer, that may not matter, but otherwise worth keeping in mind. Mixbus is kinda fun and different and does get a nice warm sound. I did notice that some plugins didn't work though. A couple have been updated and now do. Basically Cubase is better, but Mixbus is different and that makes it a fun option to have 🙂
  8. I got Wall Of Sound with some freebies ages ago and was quite impressed with it all really. Lots of options/control, decent exciter. I mainly used it for acoustic, or just certain elements with other guitar sim gear for crunch, or heavier stuff, but it often works well in that scenario too. Getting these gets you Wall Of Sound free from what I gather, which is more than just IRs.
  9. Out of curiosity, was your New Year's resolution to avoid by anymore plugins by any chance? I'm sensing a trend in these comments 🤣 Haha..
  10. That's not to say I won't still buy it at that price anyway 🤣
  11. I was just demoing it then.. it's nice.. but also getting pretty hard to talk myself into needing to buy another amp sim! 🤣
  12. I thought WUP was the colonoscopy 😜 Now to get back on topic, which I presume wasn't colonoscopies or cabals, Happy Birthday @cclarry !🙂🙂🙂
  13. Happy holidays all, or whatever you choose to call it that allows some time off work and some festivities with family and friends! 🙂 Regardless of anyone's religious beliefs or not, it can be a great time of year that everyone can enjoy.. apart from credit cards.. you've all cost me too much money... lots of fun.. but too much money 😜
  14. Yes, but like Brian and Fleer mentioned, they're given away free even without purchase regularly, so most people have at least one licence! If it was the Standard version, instead of Elements, it might be useful. The plugin itself is ok, it's just not going to do much as an incentive for people to buy as something else would.
  15. The underwhelm is strong in this one 🤣
  16. This makes total sense to me. Same as there's no point installing plugin types I'll never use. I pretty much only install VST3 these days unless there's an issue with the VST3 version for some reason, or they don't have one available. Most installers allow you to select only VST3, but still, frustratingly, some don't. Acustica is good in that way at least, but I like the idea of also being able to trim them down by only choosing the required sample rate too. Great idea! 🙂
  17. Yes and no for me.. (Not on the hating WUP part.. that should be unanimous!) I think they have a couple of gems, but a lot of their stuff has been surpassed by the newer companies these days. For the most part, I've been able to replace everything Waves, with better non WUPped plugins, at similar, or often better prices on sale, with less restrictive licences 🙂 The only time I'd consider Waves, is if they do something unique, otherwise if it's a compressor, EQ, channel strip, or anything that any other good company makes, I'd always buy from the other company instead. I'd rather support the companies that are fair and support, as well as listen to their customers 🙂 That said, I do love 1 of their compressors and still rate it higher as an emulation than any of the competitors I've tried (unfortunately!). NLS summer is somewhat cool and unique too. Everything else, I've always found better options 🙂
  18. Lol... it is a slightly unusual name they chose 🤣 It would be nice if you could! But not all devs went with iLok, so you might end up having 3 or 4 these days: iLok, Waves, ViennaKey (eLicenser - same as Cubase) and there's more...
  19. Same It's pretty rare for me to buy anything that only includes one license. Apart from Cubase, but hell even Steinberg announced they are providing 2 licenses for the next version (I think even 3 now!), so Waves is definitely slow to adapt to the market and their customer's needs! Even for those with only one machine, when the time comes to upgrade, it's so much easier just being able to run the old and new systems in parallel for a while. That way there's no time pressure and you can work on projects with either machine
  20. I do like that they provide this option 🙂 But I already need to expand my USB hub again for things that actually require USB, like MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, external drives, etc, not for software to talk to a piece of hardware it has no other purpose needing 🤣 But I just simply buy other amazing devs and I don't have to bother at all with USB (unless I choose to), as they provide 2, 3, or in some cases licenses for as many machines as I have for life 🙂
  21. Another downside to WUP is that you only have one license, unless you have active WUP. Most of the good companies around these days provide at least 2 licenses by default, which is much more convenient if you have a desktop and a laptop, or the studio rig and one at home. This deal is actually quite a good price and I was almost tempted, but I've been trying to replace all of my plugins with other devs, so there's no chance I'll ever need to spend more money on WUP for something I've already bought 🙂 I still had a look though 🤣
  22. I got the Fender Collection for free in the last IK Group Buy and mostly just because I'd already picked a lot of things I really wanted first, but when I got it I was really impressed by the sound. Even more so than some of the choices I'd picked in preference first! I'd recommend trying the demo 🙂 Amp Sims depend a lot on the pickups/guitar and the interface it's going through, so it's always best to try on your set-up. More so than most plugins, etc..
  23. There's not a chance in hell I'll ever pay WUP (or buy another Waves plugin until they scrap it!), so I'm safe there! 🤣 If only the masses didn't for a year, there would no longer be WUP and they'd have to change their model 😎
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