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  1. Is there a function within Cakewalk to adjust my screen resolution?  I have a 4K UHD monitor which is set to HDR at 3840 x 2160 px, an i9000 CPU and a top of the range graphics card  and that was a substantial outlay.  I need it for my vision editing software and Cakewalk's music function completes the package.

    Unfortunately, when I load up Cakewalk everything looks soft and a lot worse than it did on my old Win 7 system that lacked my current resolution.  From the reading I've done on the net, and most of this was out of date Sonar documentation articles that were written before 4K monitors were a thing, I am supposed to change my Windows resolution settings.  I haven't tried it yet and I assume I can restrict the altered resolution to Cakewalk but this would not be very satisfactory.  I have good eyes and while 3840 x 2160 would make everything too small and would require some scaling, I would like some control to increase the space for Cakewalk's windows.

    The world is changing as always and the setup I have is coming down in price.  Since music creation goes hand in hand with vision expect a lot more attention to this issue over the coming months - 4K is on the rise especially in the area of art and media programs and anything that looks like it was invented for Win 95 won't fare too well.  So, what are my options? 

  2. I was really hoping to find something like the "insert a controller" mechanism.  That is, say modulation that starts at bar 20 at a modulation of 40 to bar 22 at a modulation of 60 and the controller puts in a smooth transition over the two bars of the modulation graduating from 40 to 60.  So, I'm looking for an accelerando effect.  At bar 11 I want a sudden change from 120 bpm to 80 bpm and then a smooth even speed up from bar 11 to bar 17 where it finally becomes 120 bpm again.

    I'm in tempo view.  I can insert tempos but not gradual increases or decreases from one point in my music to another.  I could spend an hour or so with a calculator working out how many ticks in a 6 bar segment would be needed for 1 point increase of bpm and insert all 40 points manually while cursing the software.  Or, I could draw a line freehand from bar 11 at 80 bpm to the 120 bpm minute mark at bar 17 but after several attempts at this the inaccuracy of my poor freehand attempts are less than satisfactory.

    Am I missing something or is this just a case of software not reaching its potential?   

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