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  1. Radim Kolář

    TH3 uninstall

    I assume that TH3 comes as part of Cakewalk. How can I uninstall it? It wants serial which I don't have.
  2. https://www.steinberg.net/promotion/end-of-summer/
  3. I considered buying it as pure entertainment stuff, but its too much bucks, so I waited till it gets cheaper.
  4. Arturia emulations are not very good, buy it only as last resort or on budget.
  5. It took me a while to find $150 deal. I don't remember well, I think one page will show you upgrade code and you fill it to get discount.
  6. miniKORG 700s from Korg Collection 3 is amazing. Can do lot of very different sounds from smooth to MS-20 like and also good for sound effects. Distinct sound, definitely not just another subtractive synth. I am not impressed by Prophecy. While synth is quite complex its not reflected in final result - sound is not distinct. There is no wow effect like in M1. Do not buy separate. Triton Extreme is just a free update, if you own previous one. If you own Korg collection 2 (without Triton) upgrade with sale discount for $150 is very good deal - you will get Triton, miniKORG and Prophecy. Triton alone is $250.
  7. If tuner will be easily accessible directly from menu, not hidden in VST, it will be used by more people and better tested. I have several tuners in ipad and every displays different number, they also lag about half a sec.
  8. I didn't know about strobe tuners. There is a video explaining them. He is right, digital tuners lags and it takes a while to lock digital tuner to a note. I dont trust them much, thats why I wanted to have tuner in cakewalk, something tested by people with good audio skills.
  9. Is there built in tuner in cakewalk? Don't you think it will be handy (if not implemented yet) to add it to Views -> Tuner ? I would like to have good and tested "reference tuner" to test my instruments and other tuners. I don't trust digital tuners much if there is rich sound they might display wrong information. So i would like to have another tuner which can measure and play notes. Because we have spectrum analysers in EQ so I guess all necessary engine for making tuner is already programmed in.
  10. Some DAWs have red mark on track volume bar, if your music is too loud and goes over limit it turns red and then it have to be cleared manually. Do the same for audio engine not fast enough to do playback in real time. If we starts to drop portions of audio tracks during playback turn audio engine icon red and add some mouse over hint to it. I spend quite a time trying to fixing recordings (why I have holes in tracks while waves looks okay) but it turned out to be just playback problem. Only problem with Cakewalk I have that it cannot handle much tracks at once. I red forums and youtube and it is problem for long years it will probably not fixed anytime soon, maybe add some "draft" mode to audio engine to do faster mixing like reaper.
  11. How to capture in real time output of VCV Rack? In Reaper I am using rearoute as ASIO output for VCV Rack. This method do not work in Cakewalk. I am reading no data on Cakewalk side.
  12. I Can get audio output from vst Synth only if I create second audio track and route vst output to it by settling it’s input to VST. I can’t find way how to route audio output directly to master. While inserting VST it asks if I want to create second track for it. If I choose no like in reaper for example there is no sound output.
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