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  1. Thanks for your time man
  2. Drive is not compressed. I give up. I'll do without them. I have no idea what you're talking about at this point. Thank you for your time.
  3. This is a brand new computer - I've never compressed the C drive.
  4. When I scan for VST , CW says 34 plugins found. not zero.
  5. now non of my other VSTs show up other than CW TTS-1
  6. VstScan.log VstScanSandbox.log
  7. SIs are in fact installed and are on my drive - did a vst scan log - no idea where it went or how to view it.
  8. Thanks man. Went to my Band lab assistant - clicked on install addons. SI's Drum replacer etc. all in LIGHT GREEN type. can not select items or install - nothing happens.
  9. did a reset now they've completely disappeared as a VST instrument option.
  10. Error message when I try to insert any of the SI synths. First they weren't showing up at all as synths so I had to manually enable each one as a synth. Also, the si 's show up in green type in the plugins dialogue box on the right. FYI - Had to completely uninstall CW and reinstall it again to get the metronome to work. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks. Nothing worked. Had to uninstall CW and re-install. Works now.
  12. This seems to be an ongoing issue with folks. I've tried restart/control/shift = no metronome . I've looked to see if the met samples are in the Cakewalk core folder ...yes they are. Output set to metronome bus = no sound. Output set to master bus = no sound. Using ASIO because the focusrite sounds like garbage unless I do. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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