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  1. Hi thanks for the help I forgot to turn off the driver signature.
  2. Hi I've been having problems with getting the vs 20 working properly cakewalk wouldn't recognise it as a DAW controller. So I thought I would uninstall the drivers and try again but now it wont let me install the driver again. Hope someone can help many thanks.
  3. Hi Ronald I would love to have it. How much would it be to ship to the uk?
  4. This happened to me as well but luckily it was only on one project i never managed to get it back to normal though.
  5. I use a touch screen all the time it would be nice to have a little more control though. The pitch and mod by sliding your finger up and down on a key on the onscreen midi keyboard is awesome. It's the best onscreen keyboard I've found in a DAW.
  6. I'm having the same problem with my vs 20 as well. I upgraded my pc a couple of months ago and i cant get the midi control to work now. I have tried changing the aud ini file but that didnt work either. It would be nice to have it working again.
  7. I done what you said found it and renamed it to MINE hit enter restarted my pc and had to reselect it as a controller but still nothing. it shows up with the 8 green markers on the channels but cant cant select or press play or do anything. its so annoying lol
  8. hi bob thanks for the quick reply but I already tried that. I went to my program files and found it and renamed and restarted but still no joy. its not been working since I upgraded my pc last month I redone the hack to get the audio working but I cant use the midi for some reason.
  9. hi all. im having the same problem with my vs 20 but I cant seem to find %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core. on my c drive can someone direct me?
  10. Hi Billy it strange you say that about plugins I haven't heard that before. I haven't had any problems with plugins. I had a few issues with other daws I tried a few when sonar went under. Cubase was bad I could only have one izotope breaktweaker and it was using more than half the cpu power of my old fx 8350. But I think it doesn't use plugin balancing the same way as sonar because I could 4-5 breaktweakers in one project with sonar.
  11. I would say the best performance for price would be AMD ryzen at the moment. I would like to know if anyone else has had any experience with the new ryzen 9 3900x?
  12. Thanks Chuck. This is how I how I did it the first time. I just thought someone here might have done it and put them up for downloading.
  13. Hi all has anyone got the cracked win 10 driver for the v-studio 20? I done it myself last time but would be good if someone already has it.
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