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  1. I talked with the support now and they cant understand this as well, they say that de latest version of cakewalk occur some errors to the secon midi stream... there is an update but sadly it didnt helped me... i hope someone has the same problem as me so i can find you if its just my problem or a global one ;/
  2. I did exactly this but nothing worked ;/ i can still use it but now its very complicated to change some vst.... i have to do all by hand with mouse now. ;( if someone has any ideas i would be happy
  3. Hey Guys, I have the following problem: I Use a "Nektar LX61+" for a bit now and everything was just fine.. but after the last windows 10 update it just wont work with the controlls anymore. Nektar was very good with presets but now i can use the "Mixer" feature but the "Instrument" feature is completle broken, if i press it, the vst just pops up like before but i cant use any "Poti" or "fader" to controll it anymore. The LED for "User/Default" is not on . I think its a driver problem but maybe someone has seen something similar and its a settings problem and you could help me Greetings Sebastian
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