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  1. Ok, these kind of 'simple to understand' answers is what I was hoping for, great! I am tryin to get the basics, so that when I start recording, I lose as little time as possible thinking about technicalities, and spend more time developing riffs and solos and actual song. Although I'm aware that recording is a long term learning process. Thanks all
  2. Thanks to all. Ok, so guitar is mono, right. For drums, I will not use real drums, but a plugin in Cakewalk. And then I will make separate tracks for drum elements (snare, ride,...) and then I will use step editor to lay my drum beat for entire song. I find step editor much easier than piano roll. So as I understand, these tracks will also be 'mono', not stereo, but when I press play, I will hear the drums on both speakers, right? This is what I am trying to understand.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a new user and starting to record rock songs in Cakewalk. Before that I would like to determine some stuff that I'm still not familiar with so I have a question about stereo and mono recording - which one to choose when recording guitars and which one for drums? How is it usually done? I will make drums with every drum part on a separate channel (snare channel, hi-hats channel,..) so I can pan them easily later - so before I start - should these drum channels bi in stereo or mono? And also, when recording guitar (solo guitar channel, rhythm channel,..) should I do it in stereo or mono? I will record guitar through audio interface (no miking). Thanks, I appreciate your help
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