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  1. rob

    Live MIDI Transpose

    Perfect... thanks much! Cakewalk has become so powerful (and complicated) since I started using it!
  2. rob

    Live MIDI Transpose

    Outstanding! I've been hunting for that for days.... Is it available for Soft Synth as well? At its base, the Soft Synth is a MIDI channel, right? Ideally, I'd like to apply this to the Soft Synths. The Track Inspector looks a little different for Soft Synth. Thanks again!
  3. rob

    Live MIDI Transpose

    Thanks much! I remember the Key+ feature from many many versions ago. Is it in the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab version? (It took me forever to find the dropdown what causes the Volume and Vel+ blue bars in the tracks.)
  4. rob

    Live MIDI Transpose

    Is it possible to alter the incoming MIDI note in a MIDI track, similar to the Vel+ bar on a MIDI track which alters the incoming note's velocity by +/- 127 ??? I'd like to play one note on my MIDI instrument and route that through multiple MIDI tracks to produce a chord. For example, I play C5 and the following tracks alter the note: 1: No alteration resulting in C5 heard live 2: Note -= 12 resulting in C4 heard live 3: Note -= 24 resulting in C3 heard live 4: Note += 4 resulting in E5 heard live 5: Note += 7 resulting in G5 heard live 6: Note += 12 resulting in C6 heard live I think the MIDI FX Transpose would do this, but I get a missing plug-in error... :( Thanks much!
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