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  1. Thank you! Yes, the track will need to be rearranged to make room for vocals, that is the plan! I will provide stripped down versions or multitracks to anyone who is willing to give it a shot.
  2. Hi forum! So I managed to make this little piece of urban/soul music that I'm really happy with but I'm stuck! Looking for a musician who can contribute vocal melody and/or rhymes with lyrics to get this thing moving! Contact me @ svenarne@gmail.com for downloads! Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Thank you! The drums do sound kinda wide don't they? Weird cause I used an X-Y stereo mic for the overheads and I haven't digitally widened them... Thank you, I'm particularly proud of the chords in the bridge going back to the verse! Very cheaply recorded drums. Just straight into my Zoom H6. I used the iZotope Alloy plug-in on all the drum tracks. It's a legacy plug that I just can't live without. Thanks! I guess I'm a bit bitten twice shy after having submitted bass-heavy mixes on previous occasions...
  4. Hi Forum! Wanted to share this 80's-ish synthy piano'y pop ballad! I added real acoustic drums to it for once. I kinda like the "papery" snare sound against the otherwise wet track! Appreciate any mixing input (particularly re: the drums, cause I'm kinda out of my depth here)! Your Town (reduced).mp3
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I had forgotten how fun and encouraging posting songs on here could be! Re: bass mix, I guess I like to err on the side of bass light, since the altarnative can really ruin a mix, particularily on today's "super ultra insane bass" playback systems. This song, being a very 80's type of sound doesn't suffer all that much IMO, since OG 80's pop recordings are usually fairly bright and "cold". Thanks for representing my wife's side of the argument! Just for the record, "Michael" is not an actual person.
  6. Thank you guys! Thanks for the mixing tips emeraldsoul, mabye I'll get around to remixing it but but this song really isn't one of my 'serious' projects (the serious ones don't go on Soundcloud). I was just surprised when my wife hated the lyrics so much,
  7. Hi New Forum, long time no see!! I'm a fan of dark humor but my wife thinks this song is malicious and evil and shouldn't be put on the internet. What do YOU think? Poor Michael
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