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  1. Paul DeVillo

    Song in E Major

    Great clarity in this mix. I like the panning on the 2 acoustic guitar tracks. I'm getting a Paul McCartney/Wings vibe from this track. Nicely done.
  2. I'm loving the clarity throughout the frequency spectrum. Beautiful use of the stereo field as well. Lots to learn from this one.
  3. Thanks all - hopefully the remix/remaster has done away with any clipping issues.
  4. Wow - thank you everyone for the mix advice I was seeking! I just completed a remix/remaster and did a lot of work that seems to have made a LOT of difference to the final product. I don't have a ton of experience at BandCamp, so pease let me know if you can't access the song: Speak in Tongues As suggested I made the following changes: 1. Tightened up the bass. 2. Widened the guitars 3. Brought up the verse vocals 4. EQ to lose low/mid mud - add a touch of top sparkle. 5. Less Limiting on the final master.
  5. Hi All Thank you so much for the feedback. I will explore ways to widen the key parts of the track though I think I've used every part of the stereo spectrum to fit in all the parts (perhaps the arrangement is too busy). My biggest challenge has been EQ separation of parts and how to get a loud mixdown without squishing the dynamics too much. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Back to the drawing board...
  6. Thanks to all who have listened and provided feedback so far. I recorded all vocals with an AT4040. I will push the verse vocals up in a new remix... I wanted to do some work on the coda anyway. Thanks, Paul
  7. Hi everyone, This is my first post on the new forum though I've been part of the Cakewalk community since 2003. I've just set up a new home at BandCamp and posted my latest work there. Please have a listen and reply with constructive criticism. Speak in Tongues Thank you!
  8. Paul DeVillo

    War No More

    Great message. Well performed. Keep on keepin on!
  9. This is a really fun song. Late 70's - early 80s vibe. Hearing The Cars, Tom Petty etc all over this. above all, your vocals are great... a laid back feel with attitude. Nicely done.
  10. Reading through your post prior to listening, i was expecting some pretty rough playing. But I think you have undersold your abilities. Nice job here.
  11. You are achieving the kind of clarity and punchiness in your mixes that I'm striving toward. Very nice. Some great lead playing on guitar as well! You've inspired me.
  12. Nice job here. Wistful, off balance mood with a hint of darkness at the section change. Getting a Grateful Dead vibe from this song. I agree that a little less lows/mids in the reverb will help the mix sparkle. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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