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  1. Very strange behavior when saving project audio to a designated per project file location / drive. For many years this was working fine, recently it seems the audio content is stubbornly saving to my C: drive no matter what location I designate. I use the "copy all audio to new folder "option. I like having all the audio associated with a project to be stored in every new version folder I create. I figure that helps with redundancy some. The audio .INI is correct, pointing to correct location too! I end up moving it all later and then pointing the .cwp to the right place, which works but is a pain. Am I missing something in the registry? Could have sworn I confirmed that was correct as well. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Synkrotron. I have battled this stuff for a long time, I can relate. A low cost starting point to fix this issue might be the purchase of a few Ebtech Hum eliminator plugs....they are really handy and have done the job for me quite a few times. Definitely a go to device to have in your gig bag too....good luck.
  3. Thanks for the responses. "Cakewalk Inc. was pretty good in writing a "well behaved" DAW..." absolutely agree with this...I started with Pro-Audio 9..maybe even an earlier version, can't recall exactly...and dealt with a good deal of app architecture changes...like most of this smart community. I do find running a Primary and Secondary model has some merit, particularly when a soft synth forgets it patch on load, at least I can reference the "B" system. Hence the update question . AND....Don't be an idiot like myself and forget to take the 2 seconds to document your synth patches in the clip or inspector. Sheesh...I really should do better....
  4. I have a DAW PC running SPLAT, using it as a backup / bailout music system if needed. I haven't updated the OS in many moons, so I am curious if any of you good folks are finding any issues...SPLAT still running OK with the latest updates? (Win 7 home premium 32 bit) Observing any weirdness? I have to say my constantly updated (OS and App..) main system running CbB works just fine, so again thanks Bandlab! Now if I could only download some real talent and some "number ones with a bullet!"
  5. Noel is there a way to create custom layouts without the app?
  6. Greetings Dimpro experts. Doing a bit of clean up for 2019, I noticed that I have multiple Multisamples folders to support DP 1.5. One on the Correct C: drive and one on another...I probably toyed around with moving the library in the past, but a more recent build installed to C:, which Is fine for now. I was intrigued by the older Multisamples folder being much larger and comprised of Wav files vs FLAC for the more recent......was that a Cakewalk change that I missed? No worries, doesn't seem to compromise the sample sets, just curious if it's worth keeping. If not...out the door or through the window! Thanks in advance .
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