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  1. Nice @freddy j cool recording nice clean and open.
  2. Wookiee

    The Harmonica Song

    Nice to hear something little different from you Kakku.
  3. @Douglas Kirby Thanks for the listen and comment, dark was intentional and the breathing sound was exactly what it was intended to be.
  4. @kakku thank you, possibly. @freddyj my thanks glad it resonated, the breathing sound came from noise and a saw wave being swept through Buchla 296e Spectral Processor.
  5. Tortured Sleep I quite understand those who do not make to the end it is experimental, soundtrack-ish perhaps even a little industrial. Thanks for listening. For those who do and may be interested the following instruments where used. Softubes Modular. Voltage Modular which is feeds into Outer Space (A Roland Space Echo emulation) From Arturia's V 7 Collection Buchla Easel V feeding an SME filter V and Echos T7E. Synthi V SEM V CS-80 V All produced in CbB using stock pro channel plugins except the Buchla which has the Boz +10dB compressor.
  6. Hi K.K. at present I use it to control the transport in CbB, as it is pre-mapped to any of the Arturia synths I use I have not tried to map it to other functions. I have not found a need to map the faders as I use envelopes more than anything for level and pan.
  7. 1. Added a Act Control Surface in Preferences 2. Set the I/O to be my Keylab 88 3. With the Act Window open I picked the Axiom 49 preset as that gave me the transport controls in the 4th row of the Act Configuration Window. 4. Used MIDI learn by Clicking on each of the ACT slots in turn and pressing the appropriate control on my Keylab-88. 5. Saved that as a preset in ACT.
  8. @Douglas Kirby my thanks for the listen and comments, I suspect you have unconsciously heard Berlin School, from bands and performers like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, etc
  9. I have my Keylab 88 controlling the transport, not at the DAW the moment, will try to remember how I set mine up.
  10. @Leadfoot Thank you glad you enjoyed my little foray into Berlin school, it is quite relaxing. @Amicus717 You are most kind I appreciate the listen and comments. @bjornpdx Have fun there are some very cool sounds in the collection and the synths are all so infinity tweekable. Thanks for the ears and comment.
  11. Wookiee

    Dad's Song

    Cool rocking tribute to your Dad, nice one.
  12. @daryl1968 you are too kind sir I thank you.
  13. Wookiee

    Dreamer Awaken

    @Phoen1xPJ Sounds like it has the potential to be a good tune, but I agree with Tom the mix needs a little refining not much just a tad, thanks for sharing it sounds fun.
  14. @kakku Thanks for the listen, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing, again thanks for the listen and comment. @Phoen1xPJ good to hear you liked and thanks for the comment.
  15. @emeraldsoul Thanks Tom glad you enjoyed and the mix sounded good in the car as well.
  16. @garybrun Thank you, I would have been surprised the ARP is right down there in the low 20 Hz region and the Modular also has its moments down there. As to mixing synths it can be tricky sometime as they can have very wide frequency spectrum's. Thanks for the listen and your kind words.
  17. Thank you @Lynn glad you enjoyed this experiment and I will continue to experiment more.
  18. If you are not into Berlin school or repetitive tunes I would probably avoid this. Quanta Those that are brave enough to listen thanks. Synths used in this Two instances of Arturia's Modular V. 1 each of Arturia's DX7, CS 80 V, 1 Korg ARP Odyssey And last but not least Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Percussion SDX.
  19. Wookiee

    Song - Interlude

    Nice chilled blend of acoustic guitar, with a little electric thrown in for good measure, nice stuff.
  20. I quite enjoyed that, it was well put together, thanks for sharing.
  21. If anyone is interested in drum maps for the Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Percussion SDX give me a shout I have just spent the day creating maps for both percussion sets.
  22. @abacab when I posted this it did not say F ø k k it said something similar that could have been seen as inappropriate in a forum visited by under 16's The OP edited the title.
  23. I must have missed though not surprising my furry mind was somewhat distracted. Agree that the hats are a tad to forward but other than that I like this @Lynn.
  24. Nice funky vibe from the start, cool stuff very enjoyable listen all round, thanks for sharing.
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