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  1. Furry Paw tapping, fuzzy head grooving bouncing, squelchy funky bass, production and mix at your normal level of experience, what is not to like.
  2. TD has landed in @bjornpdx land, I like this is definitely dark room listening material.
  3. Wookiee


    @David Sprouse nice I like the sense of menace, the erie pipe sound, the manic drums. cool stuff.
  4. Mix is close but in my furry opinion the vox is to loud or upfront, it needs bring back by 2 or 3 dB along with some compression to level it out a little without losing too much of the dynamic.. If you are after the old school Rock and Roll sound then you are pretty much there with the instrumentation, if you want a more modern sound then as suggested above some punchy parallel compression on the drums and bass will add that depth.
  5. Wookiee


    Ouch, sounds like it could be expensive.
  6. As addition to John's comment, a search of this thread has at no point called you that sir. Please peeps keep this civil, I would also remind suppliers that people are allowed to offer their own personal point of view, provided they are civil too.
  7. Would you care to clarify to whom you are referring too. Your comment is vague.
  8. Keep it nice peeps, all are entitled to an opinion just do not step over a line, some can be sensitive.
  9. Enough I think time to close this discussion down, there have been unnecessary comments from both sides.
  10. Wookiee


    A gentle relaxing moment, the furry ears thought it nice they smiled.
  11. Wookiee


    Nice, but if I was mixing this, would just take the vocal back down into the mix just a tad, it is good but the vocal feels/sounds little to forward and detached from the rest of the backing. This is obviously just the furry opinion of a furry alien from a galaxy far far far away. I did enjoy as is though.
  12. Wookiee

    S P A N

    Furry paws tapping double time as I listen, funky horns and squelchy bass, nice steady drum groove with some tasteful fills, then we get the axe man and sax man, well what is not to like. Another production worthy of standing applause @Hidden Symmetry
  13. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you that would be the OBx-A with the Emulator over the top section, thanks for your time and ears. I will have to be careful then I am only 7' 6", than k you David for your time and ears.
  14. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you The free ones or the purchased one Bjorn? You are most kind sir.
  15. Nice, sweet and another track that is impressively easy on my furry ears. I did say nice didn't I.
  16. I hit play before I read a word written, I heard that slide and thought Bats is in a melancholy, thoughtful, retrospective mood with this. How sweet and bitter at the same time I can only stand and applaud your skill, your chops, your innate ability to impart emotion into your guitar. Sincerely thank you for sharing this @batsbrew.
  17. Wookiee

    Lockdown Blues

    Pleasant little trip down a blues road, thanks for sharing.
  18. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you mam.
  19. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thanks for listening @Ruralrocker2010, all the Synths used have built in Arpeggiates, in this case set to as played. All the voices started as presets but as I said above the Arturia synths are infinitely tweakable, consequently none of the voices are as they were originally programmed. Here at The 4077 we say when one is presented with a knob one must play? At the first time you mention around the 50 sec mark that is the OB-XA a voice called ABC-2 Bells renamed ABC-2 Bells1a because if you compared the front panel settings you would be hard pushed to say they are the same patch. At 1:45 the DX 7 shows its face for the first time again tweaked beyond recognition. At At the 2:14 mark the CS-80 shows it face with some heavy use of Aftertouch sitting under all the other voices as they play an Arp pattern though the Arpeggiators have bene disabled and the notes of the arp pattern are split over the Emulator, OB and DX7. Making it fun to play. Again thanks for listening, commenting and showing interest in how it got here.
  20. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you Nigel glad you enjoyed my arpin-on I rally appreciate your ears and time.
  21. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    @garybrun As if we would ever arp on about anyfing. Thank you sir you are most kind. I can not take all the claim on this all those Synth have some very cool arpeggiators, thank you though for your kind words.
  22. Wookiee


    Very cool, I left a comment on your site @steve@baselines.com
  23. That was a pleasant start to the day @Keith Wilby.
  24. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you Freddy. I did not mention what I had used but for those interested the instruments used were as follows, all voices based on supplied presets, but they all come with knobs to tweak, when one has access to a knob one must play, filters to tweak, envelopes to modify, voicing to change etc etc etc. Arturia V8 Collection Emulator II V Ver 1 OB-Xa V Ver 1 DX7 V Ver 1 CS-80 VF Ver 3
  25. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you Sir.
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