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  1. @Lynn Thank you good to hear it translates to other monitors. Thank you as well for your kind words and encouragement. The furry for-paw is healing well but.... I have to go have some more surgery as they did not get a big enough margin around and below the melanoma.
  2. @SPAK yeah it is longish but it just did not want to stop, it just kept showing me more I could do with it. Thanks for you ears and comments here and on SC.
  3. Thank you @Old Joad good to know it translated well.
  4. @Douglas Kirby Thank you, I will try I never really know what is going come out the furry paws.
  5. @daryl1968 Thank you Daryl this sort of just grew with a life of its own.
  6. @DeeringAmps Thank you Tom for taking the trip glad you enjoyed it.
  7. Thanks @Andrew Ball for the ears, the Taiko Drums took some taming. I have had a listen this morning on my Bayerdynamic DT 770 Pro's, I also checked in Soundforge Pro 12 and the max peak is only -3.7 True Peak dBFS. Again thanks for having a listen and leaving a comment, old ears are frequently wise ears..
  8. This one developed a life of its own so if you do not make it to the end of all 6:48 of it I do understand. Between Night and Day Thanks for listening.
  9. @Makke My thanks for your ears and time.
  10. Listen elsewhere nicely done chapess and chaps.
  11. Wookiee

    Flowing Going On

    Listening to the first post version jumps a re a little to dramatic for me.
  12. Tad hot and rammed up against the buffers @FMented without the music many songs would be not worth the effort so do not knock the instrumental. All songs are instrumentals with someone wailing over them.
  13. Usually I am not one to watch video's they can distract from the music, but this was worth the effort, looked stunning on the 32" 2K HD monitor. The music was a real pleasure to listen to as well Randy, nice mix, space and depth with room to breath. Nice one sir.
  14. Hi @G Randy Brown, it is sometime I hope you are well, thanks for the listen and kind words. I saw you put one up and am hoping to let the furry ears have a listen this afternoon.
  15. @kakku Thanks for dragging this back for the bottom glad you enjoyed my musical meander.
  16. @FMented Link did not work here either and I am logged in to Bandlab. A search found you but not sure what tune any chance of a clue as to which one?
  17. Likewise to the best of my knowledge Superior Drummer 2 or 3 are only a VST 2 plugins.
  18. @chuckebaby My thanks Charles glad you enjoyed it.
  19. @Lynn My thanks sir, you are most kind.
  20. Wookiee


    That is beautiful, heart felt lyrics, nicely understated support backing, nice tones, that EP is just right, well worth a nicely done @SPAK
  21. @kennywtelejazz Cool grooving from the kickoff, nice sounds from all the guitars Kenny, open mix, solid drums, bass just sweetly sitting right where it should be holding the groove, Ssssswwwweeeeeeeeet. Nice to hear you are mending as well my friend.
  22. @freddy j The healing is progressing, there is somewhat a small crater on the top of my left fore-paw, but I suspect that will disappear under as the fur regrows. I suppose it is melancholic and introspective this was one that just sort of appeared out of the ether down the furry arms and out through the clawed paws. Thank you for your, ears, time, kind words and your healing wishes.
  23. @emeraldsoul My thanks Tom nice to know you drifted in a state of reverie to my musical rambling.
  24. Wookiee


    I quite enjoyed slightly bluesy funk groove going on, nice.
  25. @SPAK Sorry about that, whiskey is supposed to help apparently, do not think it does anything for the fur ball but it will help you forget about it for a while. Lots of Floyd tribute pack sounds from Arturia used but as ever tweaked just a little to fit in to the mix.
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