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  1. Nice sounding track, like the others if this had only been available on Spotify I would not have listened.
  2. And now you wonder where you found the time to go to work, thanks for sharing.
  3. Wookiee


    Nice bit of fun bouncing around music, thanks for sharing.
  4. Pleasant little groove thanks for sharing.
  5. Nothing quite like a little Batsbrew to lift the day, what is there not to like.
  6. Wookiee

    Take it All

    Mix comes across well here, good music with an important message. Nicely done sir.
  7. I like this, nicely done.
  8. Not my thing, but I can appreciate the work and production that has gone into this. Mix works well here on the Adams.
  9. As ever @bjornpdx clever and imaginative lyrics nice put together. Nicely done sir.
  10. Hi @Bob Oister nice to hear you back in the studio, this has your sound from the kick off, I too hear some minor clicks and a couple of timing slips, which I am sure you will be all over once you get a chance to remix. Hope you have a fun festive season and get more time in the studio in the new year.
  11. Thanks for commenting @David Sprousethough Google translate makes for an interesting interpretation of your comment.
  12. @Bajan Blue Thank you, most definitely inspired by Klaus and Tangerine Dream, nice to know you enjoyed it. Thanks also @garybrun.
  13. @DeeringAmps Thank you Tom, you could well be right it is an electronic Kick from AD 2 Real Machines pack.
  14. A Little something that fell out of the furry paws over the last few days. Thanks for listening
  15. Wookiee

    Cool Water

    Nice stuff @Lynn, mix sound good here.
  16. Wookiee

    Hold Me Down

    @Kevin Walsh I like this, it has a real feel, the mix is lovely here on the Adams nice space and time for the music to breath.
  17. @Kevin Walsh Thank you, I am not sure I had anything mind as this fell out of the furry paws. Sometimes the muse just brings things to you out of the ether?
  18. Hi @Martin Vigesaa If you can I would get a TI chip-set Firewire card. Focusrite have always been very specific about using TI chip-set. I have used two Focusrite Saffire firewire interfaces, my first was an older 26 I/O that was under 32 OS and currently I also use a Pro 40 over 3 different PC's always with a TI (Texas Instruments) Firewire card and I have never had an issue with either of the interfaces. I found Startech cards to be very good, I had one go bad after 23 months they replaced it within 48 hrs. Functionally I am running my Pro 40 with the Firewire Latency set to Small, and a ASIO buffer of 128 samples with a total round trip time of 7.9 msec's glitch free. Most of the music I make is with Arturia's modelling synths which can be quite CPU heavy.
  19. @Martin Vigesaa Hi I understand you are having some issues with your Pro 40? I have been using a Pro 40 for a number of years with S_Plat and now CbB perhaps I can help. Firstly what Firewire Card are you using? Does it have a TI chip set?
  20. @Martin Vigesaa What Firewire Latency do you have set? My pro 40 under windows 7 I was getting 10ms Round trip with the Firewire latency set to small.
  21. @Makke Thank you you are most kind.
  22. Hi @kennywtelejazz thank you for the listen and comments you are most kind.
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