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  1. @Alcar28 Have you tried opening in Safe Mode, hold down Shift and then open CbB, just do not load anything and see what happens.
  2. Only way to do it Bat, with so many drum pieces to choose from who would not want to design their own kit(s).
  3. One of your better works I think with this, I like, nice relaxing feel to this. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wookiee


    Nice rocking tune, thanks for sharing, the hum is a little distracting.
  5. @Alcar28 Does SONAR 8.5 work? Are using the Roland Octa-Capture as well?
  6. @C-Factor Cakewalk (CbB) does have a multi-band compressor it may well be a DXi but Sonitus Mutli-band compressor is included and quite an effective tool when used sensibly.
  7. This has a very heartfelt feel to the vocal Paul, as Lynn said your production skills have come on in leaps and bounds, good stuff thanks for sharing.
  8. Wookiee


    As I listen to this I though Bjorn has been playing with his Vangelis tribute pack, this is nice Bjorn very chilled, sweetly relaxing (more please). If I was to make one minor change perhaps a nice deep bass now and then just to balance that sparkly shimmering top end. Nice job all round on this Bjorn loved it.
  9. By modern standard there may be touch to much reverb on the vocal, but do I care no I do not. Up to your usual blues groove, nice tones all round, what is not to like.
  10. You been playing with some your new toys, SD 3 on drums?. I like it, nice groove, really enjoyed the opening, wonderful tone on the guitar as always.
  11. Wookiee

    1 Bit

    Nice tune John I quite enjoyed it, well produced.
  12. @Michael McBroom your are no dinosaur, I like to use the staff view as well. It was one of the things that really attracted me to Cakewalk back in 1993 when I first got Cakewalk Apprentice. For me the staff view makes musical sense the PRV useful from drums and percussion and a few tricks but it just does not look like music to me. I can understand the music in staff view and hear it when I read it. Whilst 128th notes might be of use I can definitely say that 64th notes would be useful. It would also be useful to be able ti import MXML we can export why not import?
  13. @bjornpdx They run wild around here, glad you enjoyed the story. @daryl1968 Thank you that was the intent, I mean listening on headphones late at night preferably a dark and stormy one.
  14. Nicely done John, up to your normal standard, thanks for sharing.
  15. Wookiee

    New Prod! #1

    Interesting playing which I quite enjoyed, though I am not convinced the drum groove really works, could just be my furry ears.
  16. Nice @freddy j cool recording nice clean and open.
  17. Wookiee

    The Harmonica Song

    Nice to hear something little different from you Kakku.
  18. @Douglas Kirby Thanks for the listen and comment, dark was intentional and the breathing sound was exactly what it was intended to be.
  19. @kakku thank you, possibly. @freddyj my thanks glad it resonated, the breathing sound came from noise and a saw wave being swept through Buchla 296e Spectral Processor.
  20. Tortured Sleep I quite understand those who do not make to the end it is experimental, soundtrack-ish perhaps even a little industrial. Thanks for listening. For those who do and may be interested the following instruments where used. Softubes Modular. Voltage Modular which is feeds into Outer Space (A Roland Space Echo emulation) From Arturia's V 7 Collection Buchla Easel V feeding an SME filter V and Echos T7E. Synthi V SEM V CS-80 V All produced in CbB using stock pro channel plugins except the Buchla which has the Boz +10dB compressor.
  21. Hi K.K. at present I use it to control the transport in CbB, as it is pre-mapped to any of the Arturia synths I use I have not tried to map it to other functions. I have not found a need to map the faders as I use envelopes more than anything for level and pan.
  22. 1. Added a Act Control Surface in Preferences 2. Set the I/O to be my Keylab 88 3. With the Act Window open I picked the Axiom 49 preset as that gave me the transport controls in the 4th row of the Act Configuration Window. 4. Used MIDI learn by Clicking on each of the ACT slots in turn and pressing the appropriate control on my Keylab-88. 5. Saved that as a preset in ACT.
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