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  1. I am not a country fan, not so much because of the music but the singers, (sorry country singers), however this is an example of everything that is good about country. This is nice I enjoyed the laid back groove and sweet playing BIAB or what. Thanks nice as ever Kenny. 🙂
  2. @Leizer Thanks for you kind words and your ears. The drums came from a Yamaha SW1000SG card.
  3. Thanks @kennywtelejazz you are most kind.
  4. @Ramesh Kavassery Thanks for the listen and comment, sorry for the small delay, had some surgery on Saturday that has left it almost impossible to use the right paw to type or use a mouse.
  5. I quite like the track Tom, the mix sounds well done but for me it does seem to lack a little bottom end weight. I can hear the bass and the kick but..... Nice tone, good clear vocal sound, thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice sense of energy and movement in this Kaustub mix comes across nice and clear here with space and definition.
  7. Thank you @freddy j I stumbled across this piece of history whilst listening to one of your tunes on Soundclick. Thought I should check out what I had on there. Again thanks for your very kind words and your ears and comment.
  8. Wookiee

    Light Up the Dark

    That was quite a pleasant listen.
  9. Wookiee


    The paws are OK but the damp is playing havoc with the joints.
  10. @Hidden Symmetry The title came after the composition, the tune grew very organically when finished it needed a title. Thanks for your ears and comment.
  11. @Douglas Kirby Thank you, I had very little idea of what I was doing back then. (Some would probably say i still don't)
  12. Not one to talk about vocals Paul but they could do with a gentle polish in melodyne and perhaps a little more reverb. Thanks for sharing the rest of the mix works well here.
  13. Wookiee

    Hey There

    As ever @freddy j always a pleasure to hear your work. Not married to Ms W but we have been together for 35 years.
  14. Wookiee


    As ever @freddy j a pleasure to listen to your work, mix comes across fine here.
  15. 😄 Very good love the lyrics Bjorn clever stuff.
  16. Thank you Paul, the trick is not to blink to often thanks for the listen and comment.
  17. @bjornpdx My thanks for lending this old tune your ears, no single patch but a couple played in parallel from the JV. I appreciate your time and thanks for the comment.
  18. Wookiee

    Fe (Faith)

    Lots of energy, mix comes across well here, I to prefer the Travel Mix. Thanks for sharing.
  19. @FJ Lamela Thanks for having a listen to this old tune and thanks for your kind words they make this furry alien happy.
  20. @DeeringAmps Thanks Tom, rarely is anything focus in the Wookiee mind, this was probably inspired by one of the voices I found on the JV1080, then as I noodled the tune developed and just fell out of the furry paws. Appreciate your time and ears.
  21. Music production and listening here at The 4077 has been a little on the back foot over the last couple of months due to circumstance beyond a Wookiee's control. I was listening to FreddyJ's new tune and checked out my own Soundclick page and discovered some of my old stuff there, thought I should share this old work when I had little idea of what I was doing mix wise. (I still probably do not) I wrote Dripples sometime around 2002 to 2004 , using mainly hardware synths JV1080, Korg 05R/W, the drums come for the SW1000SG Card. Thanks for lending this your ears.
  22. Nice enough tune thanks for sharing.
  23. Wookiee


    I enjoyed this thanks David.
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