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  1. @bjornpdx Nice to hear you have had a chance to play with the Elka-X not really had much of a chance myself for obvious reasons.  It is a real beast though from what I have had a chance to do with it. Do you really need more on this I doubt it, well perhaps another 10 minuets ;) .  Just sit back close ones eyes and float off drift with it.


  2. On 9/19/2022 at 4:12 AM, noynekker said:

    Hey Wookiee . . . some serious undertones to accompany those amazing overtones, reminds me of my dad . . . but all is good in my time and space  on this Sunday evening.

     . . . and thanks for singing what needed to be said, you're quite the philosopher, for a Wookiee . . .

    So I have been told 😎.

    Tricky subject very close to my heart, thanks for the ears and comments. Good to know all is well. 

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