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  1. Thank you all. I'll have a try and see.
  2. Many thanks for your careful response and technical recommendation/reference. I'm a newbie to DAW but since I compose music (mostly songs with full arangement) I need to have a DAW and learn it to use. Now, having your technical recommendation, first I'll have to allocate a competent source who can sell and build this new hardware for me. Then I'll have to consider the price. (I've a low budget, anyway.) Have you got an idea, how much this proposed harware can be?
  3. I'm a brand new user of CbB. I commenced with "Get Started" in the Help Menu. Loaded one of the Demo files and received this error message. Then following your instructions trying to solve the issue: I wanted to make a recording with my mic but failed. Though I tried to sync the settings of my CbB (Edit>Preferences in Audio/Devices & Driver Setting as well as in File/Audio data) all my attempts were in vain. Kept on receiving the a/m error message. It seems to me as if my CbB could not communicate with my Realtek High Deffinition Audio soundcard. What is wrong? How could I solve it? Any idea?
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