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  1. Auto-save is turned off and always has been on my projects. I often save as but I have no saved as in a new folder so I could try that and see how I get on. Thanks for the tip
  2. Hi, Sometimes (but not every single time) when I save a CW project, even after making only minor changes, the project file size will double. This is harmless for a while until the file size ends up being hundreds of megabytes, and earlier today one even became 1.7GB. This causes an error message when I try to save the project (something along the lines of "Cannot save - disk may be full") and cost me a couple of hours' work. Of the 30 or so project files I have worked on so far, it has only happened to two of them. I do use a few plugins, but even when I don't add any plugins between saves, the file size can still double when saving. I have not found anything about it on Google. Does anyone know why this may be happening or has anyone else experienced this? It is also quite interesting that the file size is (very) approximately doubling each time - from 19mb to 33mb to 63mb on the file I'm currently working on. Thanks
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