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  1. Something else to consider: I have just ordered two combined 2,5" & 3,5" sata6 hotswap enlosures which fit into a 5,25" bay for this purpose, rather than the usb docking stations for reasons mentioned above..(google: delock 47209) My plan is to use an ssd for recording on the pc in our band-room which i can then take home to work on. (I'm not quite sure if i should put an extra partition on the ssd for my samples so that any samples used in the mix are always referring to the same samples/directory, or if i should just keep mirror-images of my samples on both pc's....)
  2. Hi, It might be a hdd/hdd-controller related issue. Are you running single HDD/SSD or in Raid configuration? Did you install a HDD controller driver? If so you might try using an OLDER controller driver or even deinstall the driver and use the Microsoft stock controller driver. Also check Bios that AHCI or RAID is set as controller type. For other (general) latency related issues i have experienced that: * Disabling the CD-Rom drive in Windows * Disabling power saving features in the Bios (Suspend/C-States/Speedstep) * Disabling Windows Search from the Windows-services All notably reduce latency. Finally since your interfaces are connected through firewire, there exists an older 'legacy ieee 1394 driver'. I think you can even find it on Microsoft website, but i'm not 100% sure. You ca. Google it. At least on my system (TC Konnekt interface) this driver further reduced the overall latency.. Hope you get it sorted....
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