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  1. Hi all, This one is doing my head in. I have a Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 25key. I am sequencing the beginning to Lonely Boy (Black Keys) where the guitar drops an Octave. I can't seem to work out if I can adjust the Launchkey to an Octave (currently seems to be only a few semitones) or if I have to make an adjustment in cakewalk. Appreciate your input.
  2. Thought I'd just add this for others that may be having the same issue/question. I was struggling to work out when I entered the sysxbank event in the event list, closed the file and reopened it, the event had disappeared. I was saving the file as a .mid file and not a cakewalk project file. The .mid file format does not save this information but the .cwp file does. Hope it helps someone else.
  3. Great. Thank you so much for your help and clarity. I have been using Midi for many years and I was never clear on this part.
  4. Ah ok, so I should not tick 'Auto send' if I want it to send at a specific time?
  5. Ah ok, so I should not tick 'Auto send' if I want it to send at a specific time?
  6. Thanks Johnny. So, the GS Reset sysex will be sent to the Sound Canvas at the allocated time in the Event List as I'm playing the song/file in Cakewalk. When I'm recording the song/file, the Sound Canvas will record sysex data in the song file and everytime I play that song/file on the Sound Canvas without the computer, the Sysxbank will be run and reset the controllers. Just want to make sure I'm on the right track.
  7. Ah, let me know if this is correct. I've created the Sysxbank as you have said above. I have created a Sysxbank event in track 1 at a set time and allocated bank 2 (this is the GS reset bank I created). So this should be executed at the time allocated in the event list. Does this sound correct? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply Johnny. I've done this now, and selected send to reset now. I've also selected 'Auto send'. So my question is, when I play the midi file in Cakewalk and record it on the Sound Canvas as it's playing, will this now be sent and recorded in the Sound Canvas file to reset everytime I play this song? When will this send with Auto Send selected? I need to be able to reset after each song or as each song starts so changed contollers aren't carried forward into the next song. As I said in my first post, I play directly from the Sound Canvas at gigs and don't play from the laptop. Just a bit more info, for each song file on the Sound Canvas, I have a very short 'Set up' song (around 1 to 2 seconds) which I use to set the patches for the instruments for that song. I use a pedal to start the song as soon as I press the pedal (no delay, immediate start), so the instruments need to be set up before, or you get the wrong instruments on that first note/s. Can the sysx reset be recorded into this Setup song? Thanks again.
  9. So I've been reading a lot of info from the Midi Association to individual sites. Would I be correct in this? At the end of the song in cakewalk before I play it and then record it as it's playing on my Sound Canvas, If I make an event entry at the very end of the song/data: Control - 121 - 0 (121 being the contoller and 0 being the value). My understanding is that this should reset all controllers for this channel (info taken from http://www.marco.panizza.name/dispenseTM/slides/audio/midi/messageTables/table3.html😞 Note:The Controller 120-127 are reserved for Channel Mode Message , that rather than controlling sound parameters, affect the operating mode of the channel. 121 01111001 79 [Channel Mode Message] Reset All Controllers 0 --- Would love to know that this is correct. Thanks Oh this info is also on: https://www.midi.org/specifications-old/item/table-3-control-change-messages-data-bytes-2
  10. Hi, Here's my set up. I'm using Cakewalk on my laptop and loading old Midi files that I've has for some time. I run a USB midi interface (Roland) to a Roland Sound Canvas SD-35 using a floppy emulator to record the files onto USB. When I have a song ready to go, I play it from Cakewalk and Record it on the Sound Canvas including Patch changes and Controller changes. After I have recorded a few songs, when I go back and play them, the Patch changes are all good, but the Controllers are not reset for the next song which causes some weird sounds. Is there a simple message/patch/Controller that I can put in each song at the end that resets all of the controllers on the Sound Canvas that will record and stay with that song so that when I start to play a new song, it's back to square one. As I only take the sound canvas to gigs, it has to be part of the recorded song/file on the sound canvas. Hope this question makes sense, if not, please ask what you need to know. Thanks David
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