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  1. I have downloaded and installed HalionSonic SE can open it in CW, however no instruments show....which I have downloaded as well.... I downloaded updates, i reinstalled the whole package, licensing was checked and rechecked and still no joy. I'm about to give up....any any advise please?
  2. Just for the sake of sharing: I found a solution in Cakewalk Knowlege Base: 'My software will not launch'. Hope this helps someone -down the line-
  3. Hi Neal, thanks will check log files, have run as administrator, with no possible indication of a solution...
  4. I've had Cakewalk for about 5 months and was totally impressed, immersed in getting to grips with the dynamics and hidden, 'awesome' features it offers. Working 100% in all respects. Today I decided to install 'touchdaw + rtpMIDI' and BOOM there goes my beloved sequencer! You 'launch' Cakewalk from shortcut, it opens with the familiar start-up screen and then...gone! I have uninstalled Touchdaw, rtpMIDI and Bounjour and still the same. Deleted Cakewalk, re-installed, still the same... Can ANYBODY please help?
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