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  1. Hey, great stuff! I hope Yaron will use his NI connections to generate a handful of new Pathfinder WT Kontakt licenses. A bit curious to see that this thread is so quiet.
  2. @Yan Filiatrault Ok, thank you. So I guess I shouldn't feel rushed to purchase now, because my current voucher codes are about to expire in a few days/weeks. When I am ready to upgrade in the future or if there should be a sale, then UVI support will most likely help me out with some new discount. I guess, I should just enjoy my new purchase for now
  3. Thanks for the answers so far. As far as I have seen, when a new version of a bigger bundle gets released by UVI, former purchases will generate a new voucher code. And with Vintage Vault 3 they offered the same introductory prices again a few weeks ago, for new customers as well as the different upgraders. So this would mean that if a sale should be around the corner, shortly after my current timed discounts have expired, it is highly likely that I would get a new voucher again? Which also should mean, that if one of my current vouchers should still be valid for a few days, it should get disabled during this new sale? I don't get my head around it completely. And asking support isn't necessarily working out, because those upcoming sales are mostly kept secret, in my experience.
  4. Hey, I'm new to this forum and also to uvi pricing, discounts and sales. Would be glad, if somebody could help me out with their experiences on how to get good prices with uvi. It appears to be quite easy to miss out on their best prices. I bought something in their current spring sale and received two generous vouchers for upgrades towards the encompassing bundle. But those vouchers are time limited. One for a month and the other for only a week. Which is pretty short in my opinion. What will most likely happen when those vouchers expire and I ask the support in maybe two months if they give me new vouchers to upgrade then? Will I most probably get a voucher again? If yes, will it be most likely about the same amount again as my current vouchers? What happens, when they would have a sale on that same bundle in a few days/weeks. Would my current vouchers also be valid towards the discounted sales price? Or would my vouchers be disabled during the sale? I'm asking because I am expecting a sale on the bundle to be happening in the near future. If this should be the case, of course I would be glad to spend my vouchers then. And not waste them now on the regular bundle price. I can wait for a sale on the bundle to happen. But I just can't figure out right now, what best to make out of my current time limited vouchers. Those time limits are nasty. Are they real or are they artificial to trick me into my next pemature purchase? Interested to hear from your experiences with uvi.
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