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  1. Midi files not always playing correctly on Sound Canvas. Just can't changes patches at all, sometimes all channels are default Piano 1. All the info is correct in Cakewalk, but doesn't always correspond. Interesting , sometimes when I slide towards the end of the track it changes all the patches to be correct but when I press stop it returns to standard Piano 1 on all tracks, HELP. I have been working with Cakewalk for 30+ years and know my around the program. Midi files seem to react differently on the Roland Sonic Cell hardware but behave differently the the software

  2. Midi Files sound great using Cakewalk by Bandlab, however some midi files sound different on playing back on Roland Sound Canvas. i.e no patch names, all showing Piano on each track and also wrong patches or playing with empty patch names or Piano, I actualyl scrolled along almost to the end of one midi file and patch names changed, scrolled back to the beginning , all fine, start again ,all piano. Can someone please help me, I have searched all tutorials on youtube and looked at Cakewalk help, can't find a solution, thanks in advance, Robin
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