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  1. Found the problem. Preferences -> Midi -> Playback and Recording Change driver mode to MME and the old INS file for the FA-06 and MP-7 now work. I believe there is an issue with the way Cakewalk has implemented the UWP option. I have reported it to Cakewalk support.
  2. I downloaded the Midi Ox software mentioned above. I was able to load the INS file for the FA-06 into it. The Midi Ox software sent the correct information to the FA-06, so I know the INS files are correct. I was also able to route a Novation LaunchKey37 through Midi Ox to the FA-06 and change the patches correctly from the LaunchKey. I am certain there is something in Cakewalk that has changed being it is the only part of the equation that does not work as expected. Promidi - If you see this, could you attach the INS file that you have that is still working? I would love to see if there is something different in the formatting of the data that has allowed yours to continue to work.
  3. as of today I have tested 4 different instruments. An NX5R, an MP7, a Triton Rack, and the FA-06. They are all doing the same thing. When I select the device and bank and patch in Cakewalk, they all go to the correct bank but load the first patch in the bank. It's almost like someone is playing a practical joke that is not funny. I do appreciate you testing the file and following up with me.
  4. Thanks for the follow up. It is just very strange that 4 different ins files for different instruments, using different types of midi connections, on two different computers worked for all these years and now they are all not working. I will keep digging. I has to be something really simple.
  5. Dave, I am having some issues on patch changes with some other devices. Was curious if the S90ES responded to the patch changes from the ins? Thanks
  6. If you are going with a controller that big there is really no reason to not go with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61. Price, features, great keys. If I had the desk space it would be a done deal. I had to settle for the Novation LaunchKey 37. Its decent and fits on the desk, but if I had the room I would have the M-Audio.
  7. Hey all, I was working with a friend last night getting a Triton Rack set up that had previously been working in his old version of Sonar. He is now on the current release of the BandLab version of Cakewalk. When we loaded the ins file that had previously been working, the device would change banks correctly, but not respond to the patch change. It would always stay on the first patch in the bank. I had a Korg NX5R that had also previously worked. I loaded the ins for it and had the same issue. We believed further research would be necessary. This morning I connected my Roland FA-06 and loaded an ins that had previously worked and it also has the same issue. I have attempted to modify the file with a few different parameters to see if anything would work, but so far I have had no success. I have attached a simple ins for the FA-06 that I have used successfully in the past. I would love for some of you to put some more eyes on it to see what may be needed to be updated to make it work with the current version of Cakewalk. It would also be great to know if anyone else is having any luck with patch changes on any of your older gear. Is it perhaps a bug in the Cakewalk software? Any thoughts and comments are appreciated. FA-06_no_user_no_drums.ins
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