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  1. I will check on this when I get to the studio this morning. I do recall that I have loaded Kontakt both ways you have described and it has multiple entries/listings of the word Kontakt that all look the same. Also, is it normal when I close out Cakewalk for the Kontakt windows to all stay up and for it to still transmit midi/audio of the sample that is loaded? My recollection when I last was using Sonar and Kontakt 2 was that when you closed out your DAW, all windows/plugins closed with it. Thanks for any insight, I appreciate your time!
  2. I have a brand new computer running Cakewalk and full version of Kontakt 6. It is installed in the right folders and Cakewalk finds is just fine on startup. So when I add a SoftSynth track and choose Kontakt and click to open it, I get the NI screen where all the libraries are pictured on the left hand side of the GUI. Then I select the folder for say, Noire, and I get the generic Windows screen where you select the file path to the instrument and then it opens another NI screen with that Noire interface. NOW, I can play the “patch” and it sounds great but is NOT sending either midi or audio into the DAW. It’s literally a stand-alone version of Kontakt, opened from within Cakewalk. Really weird and I have verified that the same thing happens in Mixcraft as well. I have checked and rechecked routing in the DAW and in Kontakt but no luck. Probably a stupid question but when I close Cakewalk after this Kontakt is still open with its own tab and I can continue to play it normally. Doesn't this have to mean that it's a stand alone version and NOT a plug-in? Super weird and I hope that I am missing something simple because I need to get tracking ASAP! Thanks in advance for any insights! I have opened a tech support correspondence with Native Instruments as well. Alan
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