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  1. Will do, thanks. I did try and get an e-mail to contact before coming here but that bit of the site is "under construction".
  2. Not sure I'm posting in entirely the right place but could really use some support. I had a University e-mail address that I was using for a few accounts (including my Cakewalk account, on which I own the LA-2A compressor) deleted without notice. I logon to my Cakewalk account using this deleted e-mail and my password and go to change my e-mail address. It says it will need to verify the change my e-mailing my new e-mail. I never receive this verification e-mail (all folders checked, 24 hours passed). Now it says there is no account under neither my old or new e-mail and if I try and logon using my username then it says it's waiting for the e-mail to be verified. I really don't want to lose access to my LA-2A plugin in the future. Could someone please assist?
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