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  1. Well, damn. It's NOT solved. Things seemed to be going OK, but then I added a TTS1 on another track and Cakewalk crashed with a fatal error. Reverting to AZR3 for the organ seems to make everything run smoothly. There seems to be something about Collab3 that my setup REALLY DOES NOT LIKE? Oh well, you have to pick your battles. One can spend forever fighting the tools and get no creative work done...
  2. OK, solved. Should have paid more attention to the error code in the popup. The buffersize audio driver settings were 2.9 ms, 128 samples. Increasing this to 512 samples makes everything work OK. 256 still seems to produce a few small audible audio artifacts by the way. Maybe the Collab3 VST is more demanding of the audio engine than other soft synths? Of course, I am not sure if there are any downsides to this change: remains to be seen. Meanwhile I did find the AZR3 Hammond VST, which is not bad, though I would say that Collab3 sounds better. And I will take a look at the HaNon B70, thanks!
  3. Alternatively, any recommendations for a good free basic B3 VST? Not really looking for something with lots of bells and whistles, would prefer a few good 'out of the box' presets. Thanks!
  4. Solved, with assistance from a Steven Slate support guy. Kudos to that, by the way, since this is the free product. It turns out that to actually load the sample data for a given kit, you need to double-click on the name of the kit! Not at all intuitively obvious, and this doesn't seem to appear anywhere in the documentation. Hope this may help anyone else encountering the issue.
  5. I was looking for a decent Hammond B3, so I gave this a try. It installs OK, and played from a MIDI keyboard sounds reasonably good. But when I try to use it in a project, it almost always causes an audio engine crash. Anyone else have any experience? Maybe there is some sort of installation option or parameter tweak? Thanks...!
  6. Hi all, I recently updated my system from Win 7 to Win 10. Backed up all user data first of course, then uninstalled everything before the update. Reinstalled Cakewalk afterwards, and it seems to be mostly working just fine. However, I then tried to install the free Steven Slate drum stuff (which had worked fine on the previous setup). Installation seemed to go without any obvious problems. But when I try to add it as a soft synth, things don't work properly. It shows up as an available soft synth, and the clickable drum window appears: but when you click on the drums there, no sound is heard? The click drum beater moves, so something is being received...? I have checked obvious things like making sure the audio output seems to be selected correctly, and that my audio interface is working properly. Other drum VSTs such as MTPower Drum kit appear to work just fine, by the way. Anyone else seen this or have any tips for troubleshooting? Is it possible that I need to put some of the Slate library files in a different folder than the installer's default? I really can't remember the details from when I set it up long ago on the previous setup....? Thanks!
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