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  1. Yes, its a new project using the stock basic template. With or without a count-in, using the audio metronome, sometimes it records and other times it doesn't. On the time when it doesn't record, it clicks once and then nothing happens. Since I switched to WASAPI Shared it seems to be better, but it still fails to records about 1 in 5 times when using the Audio Metronome. If I use the MIDI metronome, it works fine. So I guess it's usable at this point using the MIDI metronome. I rarely ever use either metronome so it doesn't matter to me which one I set it for. I finished my project using Presonus Studio One (which I had to learn to use since I 've had it and rarely ever used it. Actually was not too different than Cakewalk.)
  2. Noel: Thanks for responding. This is "daveny5" from the old Cakewalk Sonar Forum. Over 20K posts. I've been using Sonar probably as long or longer than you. BTW: I've now added my equipment / specs to my profile. I've added a new project and armed it to record, set the input to my Tascam US16x08 audio interface that I've been using a for a few years now. When I press record, most of the time, nothing records. No red line, no waveform. Now I have accidentally discovered that if I set the metronome (which I rarely ever use) to MIDI instead of audio, it records every time. If I switch it back to audio, it only records sometimes. So I think this is a clue to why it's not working. I am using the ASIO driver. Your help desk person also had me try WASAPI Shared, but I get the same problem. I also have an old version of PreSonus Studio One 2 and I tried that on the same computer with the same hardware, and it works just fine. So I'm stumped at this point. I have a lot of VST plug-ins. Most purchased or came with Sonar, but a few freebies. Could that cause this problem? Anti-virus and malware all find no problems. Thanks everyone. I forgot to check back in here and was working with Cakewalk support which has been helpful, but still hasn't figured it out either.
  3. Now Cakewalk is not allowing me to record audio all the time. I select the proper input, check the level, arm the track, hit record and the other tracks playback, but the track I am trying to record on doesn't draw a waveform or record anything. Intermittently it records, but that is not acceptable performance. Pretty embarassing when I was recording with other musicians and even more frustrating now that I am trying to complete a project that has a time dependency. I've tried recording audio with the same setup on my old version of Presonus Studio One 2 and it recorded just fine. So what's up with Cakewalk? Not sure I can continue using this product if it is so unreliable, but that would be devastating since I have 15 years of recordings on Sonar/Cakewalk and there's no easy way to convert. Plus I'd have to learn to use Studio One 2. Ugh! HELP! I have opened a ticket to Bandlab, but no response yet.
  4. I've read all the tips on how to fix Audio Dropouts, but I've never seen anything like this. My system was working just fine until a week or so ago. I went to work on a project in Cakewalk and I got the Audio Dropout banner. I thought maybe it was due to the new driver for the TASCAM US16x08 audio interface because not only does Cakewalk not work with it, but neither does Sound Forge or Band-In-A-Box. They all fail if you use the ASIO driver. They all work with MME or WDM, but who wants to use those? At first I thought it was the US-16x08 and I was about ready to send it in for repair after working with an agent for an hour or more, but before I did, I installed Cakewalk and the US16x08 on an old laptop I had and it worked just fine. I've run anti-virus, and anti-malware scans to no avail. I tried the latency monitor and that didn't find anything. I've uninstalled the TASCAM driver and Cakewalk by Bandlab several time with no improvement. I've made sure I have the latest version of Windows. If I run the micro versions of Rapture or Dimension Pro, I get no sound from them using the ASIO driver. In Cakewalk, I don't even have to load a project for it to fail. If I just press play with no project loaded, in 5 seconds I get the audio dropout. I've never seen anything like this and I've been using Cakewalk for many years. I went throught the Device Manager looking for problems, updated some of the drivers that needed it. Nothing. This is my last resort before I do a complete rebuild of Windows 10. From what I can tell, it defininitely has something to do with the ASIO driver, but I can't find a remedy and I think I've done all the obvious and not-so obvious ones. Everything else on the computer works normally. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: I had to reset Windows 10 and reinstall all my apps to fix this problem.
  5. First: Where is the proper place to report bugs? I am a LONG time user of Sonar/ Cakewalk. I've been working on editing a number of MIDI files and I'm disappointed in Cakewalk's handling of these: Cut with Delete Hole doesn't work. Paste with slide over to make room, leaves a gap. If you Paste with a number of repetitions, the next time you use paste, it uses that number, it doesn't revert to 1 as it should. If I cut a section from track 1 for example, and then go to paste it, it picks some random track to paste instead of using the track I cut it from. Groove clip loops not working at all - CTRL-L does nothing. CRASHES! After editing 3 or 4 songs, I get audio engine drop outs and I have to shut down Cakewalk and restart it to resume work. CRASHES! A few times I tried to cut and paste an audio loop into a project and I got a message saying "Analyzing Audio" and it just hung and had to be forced to shut down. Why Can't play music using another program while editing in Cakewalk. Must shut down Cakewalk. I thought it was supposed to share the audio device. I'm trying to play the audio that I just exported to check it and I can't without shutting down Cakewalk.
  6. I'm getting a lot of crashes lately too.... Disappointing.
  7. It's none of those. I tried both a MIDI clip and an Audio clip and neither one would convert to a Groove Clip and CTRL-L doesn't even bring up the Groove Clip dialog. Also, I noticed when you do a Cut - Delete Hole, it does not delete the hole. Think Cakewalk has some bugs to work on.
  8. Trying to convert a short loop to a groove clip and it's not working. CTRL+L does nothing. What's up with that? Thanks, Dave
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