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  1. I have been trying to fix this for hours. I am at my wits end, you have to help me. Amongst other random problems, I haven't been able to hear my project when I click play, and I can't hear the drums when I tap on them. The demo project used to not sound, then it gave me a few errors, now I can hear it upon changing my driver mode to 32 bit. I also reinstalled Cakewalk and updated my computer, deleted the 5 hidden audio devices, etc. I need some help now, please, I've tried everything I found online! System info: Computer: Alienware Aurora R6 Windows: Windows 10 Home latest update Audio interface: It's integrated, I put my headphones in the headphone port at the top of the computer. (don't know too much about this) Driver Mode: Currently MME, because it made my physical devices appear. I tried the other modes too, and not much changed. Processor is Intel Core something, 8 gb ram, 64 bit I'm not sure if this matters, but I have an AMD Radeon graphics card with the driver a few versions behind (on purpose, for gaming). I also have many random audio drivers, because I use VR on this PC. And this computer is known for having completely random and unconnected problems. Edit: I've tried pretty much everything, at this point I have wasted so much time and inspiration on a program that my computer just won't tolerate. It's really a shame that Cakewalk refuses to work, because the Bandlab online mixer works but I want to do more than what it offers. Anyways thanks for the help guys I'm probably gonna have to use another DAW but it's fine.
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