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  1. Thanks Erik will delve into this.
  2. Hi, can anyone help please. Just recently I have moved all my tracks to another pc as a backup machine. I have steven slate drums 5 on both machines when I open the moved track in the backup I get a box saying missing synth I did have a work around with some tracks where by if I right clicked on the ssd5 track it gives an option to reinstall the missing synth to all tracks that are using it I've then saved it and had no box come up when opening again.but on some tracks wont have it.i have tried saving it as a different name but can't get rid of the damn thing does anyone know how to solve this please.
  3. Thanks Kurre, I'm gonna try this today.
  4. Thanks HARDDRIVE,yes I have tried that but yes the track plays on its own when I open it from its location no problems tried different tracks at position 11 it crashes them all. i also have a backup pc with cakewalk running with no problems in play list
  5. Can anyone help? I'm using play list set for live performance I have loaded my tracks up and whilst playing g them back to make sure they all play I've hit a problem I don't know how to fix. I get to number 11 in the list the track loads then crashes the pc to desk top.at first I thought it was the track at num 11 in the list but it's not as I've moved them all around to different positions, but eventide I get to number 11 regardless of what track is there it crashes I'm at a loss hope someone can help.
  6. Hi guys, thank you its sorted phew what a relief!!
  7. Hi all, I'm having a problem with the play bar. On some of my projects it moves along brilliant and I can see where I am but on other projects the play bar moves that quick I cant keep up with it has anyone had this problem or am I doing something wrong. Some of the songs are a mixture of midi and audio or just audio and just midi and they are from sonar 7 and 3 would love someone to help.
  8. Hi can anyone tell me why my tracks either midi or audio and both will not stop at the end but in play set they do.I’ve checked the events in midi all is fine I’m stumped help please.
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