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  1. Ah that makes total sense with the speakers, thanks. So I put the input on the track to LeftAudioBoxASIODriverIN 1? I'm not sure where to find mono interleave Should I use the interface for in and out, or plug my speakers into interface and then my headphones?
  2. I've been talking to a few people on here who recommended ASIO, after testing it today I'm still having issues, I made a new forum post here: Noob here, audio issues, crackling, one ear, no sound (vocals) - Cakewalk by BandLab - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum (ugh not sure why it's not posting the link...) Here's the mic USB Microphone Kit,UHURU USB Podcast Condenser Microphone Kit 192kHZ/24bit Plug & Play PC Microphone Cardioid Microphone I'm having issues with both the usb mic and a usb audio box with a shure mic plugged in. I am asking more about ASIO, because it doesn't detect any output other than the audio box, and I'm not sure if it's good to have that as In and Out at same time. It's also only recording on one side, so my voice only comes out left side of headphone, but there appears to be nothing in the input menu to change to. What really gets me, is that I changed nothing on my old pc, and the windowed version of cakewalk (it has almost no features though) used to work perfectly aside from the input issue, but now both my old and new pc crackle and stutter in the window version. My old pc can hardly run the full program, but even with one track I get the same issues. I feel like there's something silly I'm missing somewhere, but I have no clue as to why my old computer and the windowed version are now messed up. Thanks again, I'll keep trying things out with the other topic I posted too
  3. I switched it to ASIO, but it's still only recording one half, but ASIO doesn't detect anything other than the Audiobox as output, my speakers don't show up at all. Should I be using the audiobox for in and output? I don't currently have a large headphone jack on me at the moment, so I can't try yet, but the track is definitely only recording the top half (if that makes sense) so it looks like it will only come out one ear still.
  4. I'm using Audiobox usb from PreSonus, I'll test it out tomorrow, but I'm positive I tried changing to all the options (WASAPI shared, exlusive, MME, ASIO) but I will try doing it again. I was getting these issues just using a usb mic without the audio interface, but my input kept resetting to 100 and I was peaking the mic like crazy. I looked into that and all of it's settings as well, but it would just change the input volume back to full randomly. That's when forums suggested getting an interface, and that interface did fix the input issue, but now I'm stuck with these sound problems.
  5. Hello! So I'll try to make this short. I was using the windowed version of cakewalk with little to no issues for a few months. I eventually bought a new pc, and now both my new and old pc are giving me tons of issues with both the full Cakewalk, and the windowed version. I am only doing vocals I'm not computer or tech savvy, so I apologize if this is simple stuff. I'm not going to use the windowed version anymore, as it lacks tons of features and is giving me issues, its not worth the hassle, but for the full Cakewalk Bandlab: In WASAPI shared I get a constant crackling and popping sound, and on my old pc no sound at all, in MME I get sound, but there's like what sounds to be an electrical noise that's either constant or loud when I hit play or record, and it only comes out on ear. I can see on the track it's only recording the top of it and not the bottom, also in MME it doesn't give me the option to choose any output besides the audio box, my speakers don't show up. (Keep in mind I barely know what WASAPI or MME even really are) I've tried making sure all my drivers are up to date, I've made sure, as far as I can tell, that all my audio is set to the same sample rate (44100), I've tried using usb mics directly into PC, I've tried using an Audio box to plug an actual mic into, and still the issues persist. I've also tried using different headphones, headphone ports, usb ports, monitors and speakers, and even 2 different pcs, but the issues are always the same. Any ideas? From searching the forums and web it seems most people fix the issue going MME, but MME again has electrical noise and only one ear (by electrical noise I mean like a BZZZT sound). It sounds like WASAPI shared is the best one to use, but I get no sound, or I get extreme crackling and popping which makes it impossible to listen to or sing to. I have no clue what to do. I was supposed to have all my vocals done by March, and it's basically April. The annoying part is I can get everything done in very few takes, but the actual program issues are using up a tremendous amount of my time. I dont know if you need my new pc's specs, but this is it: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/asus-rog-strix-gaming-pc-black-amd-ryzen-5-3600x-1tb-hdd-512gb-ssd-16gb-ram-geforce-rtx-2060-super/14431177?icmp=Recos_3across_tp_sllng_prdcts&referrer=PLP_Reco Thanks in advance, this is driving me insane. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Thank you all very much for the responses. Just borrowed a DAW from a friend and it's doing exactly what I need to, the input volume isn't randomly resetting and I get full control, which is fantastic. I'll be testing out quite a few things thanks to all of your advice. Going to try moving things around to deaden the sound behind me, try with and without the box, and building my own with the ideas you guys have shared. I can't thank you enough for the help, this is all extremely overwhelming and confusing! If I could add another problem that's popped up today, I'm now getting a constant popping and crackling sound at all times. I switched it to WASAPI exclusive, as far as I can tell, all settings on my pc and the daw are at 44.1 khz. I've been searching the forums but haven't found an answer I understand. I'm using a new pc, is there some sound setting somewhere I forgot to install or change? As far as I can tell everything is up to date, and again at the same sample rate. If I switch it to MME it works somewhat well, but I've read MME is not nearly as good? I realize this may be a problem for a different post, but figured I'd ask while I'm tinkering with it
  7. Thanks for the response. I've got a really cheap sound blocking cube around my mic (I'll attach a pic). It's extremely cheap compared to setting up the whole room, but I've got a location that's basically silent so I'm not getting any outside sounds or much. Without that cube though you can hear that I'm in a big empty room though. I'm getting advice from friends about getting an audio interface too, as you mentioned. My biggest issue, and has been my issue for weeks now, is that issue of windows NOT remembering my mic settings. It's infuriating, I set it to low input, hit apply, make sure other apps can't override it, nothing else is running, hit record, and it's back to full blast...sometimes it stays for a bit, but then just goes full blast again. So I have no way of knowing when a take is going to be ruined until I stop recording, or if I'm just staring at the screen watching it. It's become a serious problem. So would an audio interface take care of that? Like would it let me change the input volume on there, and hopefully it stays? I have an SHS OM-500 dynamic mics for gigs, but would need audio interface to use on here. As of right now I'm not too concerned with getting the best sound possible, but I'm more so looking to get a decent sound while learning all about mixing, recording, and so on, without having to pay someone to do it for me, at an acceptable level. With this input issue though, I'm going weeks without any progress whatsoever and it's delaying progress for the other people in the band. So you're basically saying, get an audio interface, get a better mic, get better soundproofing? I'll start asking around my musician friends about some of the actual tech stuff you mentioned. Any suggestions on a less expensive audio interface? I'd only need it for mics and maybe a keyboard down the road. Thanks again, I greatly appreciate the help, I can sing fine, but have no clue about all this stuff.
  8. I will start checking out windows audio setting stuff, I've book marked that mic you suggested as well. I'll start looking into it. Thanks again for the replies!
  9. The main issue, is I do set the audio like that, and found good levels, but it just stops. like I can set it to 14%, and it will work...but then it just goes back to 100 out of nowhere. Seems totally random. Good to hear about the mic though, wasn't looking forward to spending several hundred dollars. Thanks for the response
  10. Hello! I'll make this quick, I'm a classically trained singer but I'm new to doing my own recordings. I've been trying for months to just figure things out on my own, but I'm hitting a few walls and not sure where to ask or what to do. Firstly, I have a pretty cheap $100 podcast mic. I'm starting to realize this thing may not be up to the task. What I do is turn the input down to around 5 because the mic peaks like crazy at normal levels (not sure if Peak is the correct term, the soundwave gets massive and it crackles like crazy, ruining takes). This seems to work for most simple verses and when I'm not singing big, BUT, it just constantly and randomly forgets. So I'll sing a line, and it will be at a super low input, so nothing gets too loud while recording...then I'll hit record again, and all of the sudden the input is back full blast. I can't seem to figure this out, and it's driving me crazy. My mic input just doesnt seem to stay there. Any ideas? This happens with both the windowed version of cakewalk, and the full DAW version. The other question I have, the mic will peak even when its input does work at 5, so on screen the sound looks much smaller, but it still seems to peak and crackle, as if the smaller scale can't handle big singing. Is this my mic? I hope that makes sense? I've tried standing closer and further away from the mic, but it will still peak even if I'm so far away that you can tell I'm audibly far away from the mic Anyway, I'm totally new to doing this on my own, and have so many questions but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. I greatly appreciate any responses or ideas. I'm not too computer literate and I'm not recording literate at all. Thanks for any help
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